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Who is afraid of SamDaddy?

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News broke on several media platforms recently, that the National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Distinguished Senator Samuel Anyanwu SamDaddy, was setting up his campaign organisation, in preparation for the 2023/24 Imo State governorship election and suddenly, all hell broke lose and the cockroaches crawled out from their cracks.

A little social experiment I tried out yesterday proved that some people are very scared at the mention of the name Senator Samuel Anyanwu and are ready to sacrifice the good and wellbeing of the people of Imo State, which Senator Samuel Anyanwu has at heart, if it means stopping him from becoming the next governor of Imo State.

Interestingly, the attacks against the national officer of the party, came from aides of another governorship hopeful of the same party, who have never hidden his desire for a third missionary journey, for which neither Senator Samuel Anyanwu nor his aides, have opposed, based on the fact that Senator Anyanwu respects his constitutional right to contest for that same position.

Why then won’t they respect Senator Samuel Anyanwu’s constitutional right to serve his people? What are they afriad of?

One begins to wonder if the aides are working under the directive of their boss to attack anybody they see as a threat to their hunger for power, as the same aides attacked Peter Obi before and upon his exit from the PDP some months ago.

In the case of Peter Obi, they saw a threat to their Oga’s pipe dream to becoming former Vice President Atiku Abubakar’s running mate and probably in Senator Samuel Anyanwu, they see the only person the PDP can boost of having the capacity to win the election in 2023/24 and as such, a threat to their selfish interests.

If this so-called serial contestant and loser isn’t pulling the strings, could one then say that he has lost control of his lieutenants? How can PDP afford to send somebody who doesn’t even have control of his aides, to stand for the party?

Like any other Imolite, Senator Samuel Anyanwu SamDaddy has the legitimate right to contest for any position that falls within his purview.

Why then will his desire to stand for his people as he has always stood for them, send danger signs to somebody who would deploy his arsenal of toothless Bulldogs, to attack his person?

For Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu SamDaddy, service to his people outweighs selfish interests as he has demonstrated time and time again throughout his years of rendering service to the people.

As a State legislature in a minority party in the state, Senator Samuel Anyanwu was among the few that dared the incumbent executive and kept it on its toes till after he left the State Assembly.

We can all attest that after SamDaddy left the Imo State Assembly, the legislative arm in the state become nothing more than paper weight and errand boys of the executive.

Before some senators woke up to start issuing impeachment threats against Buhari, Senator Samuel Anyanwu was the first Federal legislator since Buhari became president, to move for his impeachment.

A strong voice when others are scared of talking, that’s the type of person Ndi Imo crave for, not people who have remained silent at the pains and sufferings of the people.

Senator Samuel Anyanwu wasn’t the Senator President or Deputy not was he the Speaker or Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly but he championed the call for a South East Development Commission to address the marginalisation of the region since the end of the Civil War.

Imagine if he had held either of those positions during a more friendly executive, we would have since had the bill passed and the commission established.

While others are too scared to speak out, Senator Samuel Anyanwu have been vocal over happenings in the state even when those who will soon be claiming heaven and earth when begging Ndi Imo for their votes, turned their backs on the people.

A lot of Ndi PDP are of the view that Senator Samuel Anyanwu won the 2014/15 primaries of the party. The events of January 12th 2020 have gone further to impress on them that if Senator Samuel Anyanwu had not been denied the ticket of the party, the party would still have been in power till date.

Could January 12th 2020 be Karma of what happened at the primaries? Recall Karma also visited in 2015 after the controversial outcome of the primaries.

But all that is water under the bridge and a new opportunity to get things right is presented to the party.

We can’t continue doing the same thing that has always given us the same results. It’s time we try something new.

Yes SamDaddy!

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