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Imo PDP Will Disappoint Prophets Of Doom

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By Lancelot Obiaku

Recently, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) embarked on the election of 3-man ad hoc delegates ahead of the primary elections to nominate candidates for the 2023 general polls. While it is believed that the exercise in Imo State may not have been too smooth, the party, trusted sources reveal, is coming out stronger, as it has always done, from that flash of distraction.

Perhaps, what painted a war situation in Imo PDP is the eagerness of members of the ruling All Progressives Congress to seize every little opening to try to drag the PDP down to her despicable level. As many attest, APC since its inception has been enmeshed in unending internal fighting. Leaders of the party have been known as experts in puerile manipulation of congresses and elections without recourse to the rule of law and constitution of the party. Members are aware that the party’s future is not secure as long as it sits on a time bomb.

What analysts make of the haste of APC members to drop claptrap against the PDP at the slightest opportunity is that it is a reflection of their desire to see the opposition party down and disorganized like the APC. It is only a figment of their imagination. They know that if PDP continues to resonate with the masses and remains formidable, the future of APC hangs in a balance.

However, on good authority, the reality is that PDP is shaming the prophets of doom. The party is marching stronger after the recent distraction. It is neither at war with itself nor any other. The party in Imo State only seeks to hearken to the voice of the masses who are calling on it for good governance, and its activities are geared towards taking over the reins of power to do the wish of the populace.

For those who love PDP, members of the soon-to-be deposed ruling party can only harbour their evil wishes. They can continue to bark, but like the caravan, the PDP marches forward undeterred. The party in the state remains a solid unit that is in safe hands and not the best of blackmail from detractors and fifth columnists would change this, even as it is hoped that power returns to the people!


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