Grazing site review: Buhari bent on acting out Fulani script – Afenifere

Following the approval of President Muhammadu Buhari that the 368 grazing sites across the 25 states of the country should be reviewed, the pan Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere, has described the move as dead on arrival.

According to the foremost Yoruba group, the approval was an indication that Buhari was bent on carrying out a Fulani agenda for the country.

In a statement issued by the General Secretary of Afenifere, Sola Ebiseni, the plan to ensure that herders are well settled in a territory should be the sole responsibility of the government of the states where the herders hailed from.

“The present policy of the Buhari administration on Grazing Reserves is the implementation of the script by the Fulani intelligentsia.

“Every herder has a State of origin. Let the governments of the respective states make arrangements for settled life for them in the territory where the culture is fully appreciated.”

Afenifere in the statement added that the recommendations of the Chief of Staff to the President, Ibrahim Gambari over the issue was a deceptive national solution to “orchestrated farmers/herders clash” which the group said reek of odiferous stench of ethnic agenda for settlement of the Fulani in the ancestral lands of other ethnic nationalities.

While describing the move as a waste of taxpayers money, Afenifere maintained that the concept of grazing reserves, “otherwise known as Hurumi”, which was introduced during the colonial era and immediately after independence failed in the north particularly in the Middle Belt provinces, despite what the group described “as a monolithic one North government and permissive land use regime.”

“For the umpteenth time, let the President be told that the constitution which he reveres relentlessly and the Land Use Act which derives equal force therefrom, extol the majesty of the people over their land.

“The current exercise is not only a waste of taxpayers money, it is a sweet pipe dream in a fool’s paradise.”

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