Okorocha’s Invitation By The EFCC And The Celebratory Dance by The Spokesmen of The Cabal


Since last night when the news of Okorocha’s invitation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission broke, any critical observer would have observed a pattern to the news reportage and the tones of commentaries by some interested individuals and these would guide us in appreciating some underlying motivations behind what could be described as “political hatchet job, masquerading as anti-graft war.”

Long before the report made it into any major news medium, I had received calls from some top individuals within the Imo State Government House asking me, in rather mockery tone, where my principal was. Some Lagos based media handlers to some politicians also seemed to have had advanced notice of the seemingly stage-managed media trial because of the tilt their news story took. It should be curious that for an incident that happened in Abuja, the first set of news platforms that carried the report are Lagos based, whose allegiance, no matter how discreet are well-known.

My grandfather told me that if I want to know what was discussed about me in my neighbor’s house the night before, I should monitor how the children from that house salute me the next morning. In the same vain, if you want to know the mood within a political camp, watch closely the utterances and moods of their spokesmen. From news mediums controlled by them to their known apologists, there is no mistaking the fact that the key suspects outside Imo are satisfied, while their Imo boy is as relieved as someone who finally paid off a longstanding indebtedness that threatened his comfort.

Nothing has pleased the hearts of a certain cabal of power mongers since the 2018-19 coup that was aimed at dislodging Okorocha than the news that the Ogboko born billionaire is in EFCC custody, even if it is for a night. To them, it is like hitting a jackpot, but it could as well be a shortlived celebration.

For a section of these revelers, especially those in Owerri, it appears that the pressure is off them to satisfy a key part of the agreements that brought them to power, under inglorious circumstances. This could explain why, a governor whose office and biggest security fortresses were recently desecrated and demystified by “unknown gunmen” seems to be popping champagne at the news that his nightmare is spending the night in EFCC custody, while the boys who literally proved that his, is a lame dog government, are still walking freely and possibly planning another attack. Shouldn’t the governor be more bothered about the security and safety of those he was elected to govern than investing all his energy in trying, I believe futilely, in witch-hunts?

Someone told me that the government house was a party venue last night, as bottles and bottles of crystal champagne were emptied in celebration. But, why would the governor’s spokespersons and courtiers be in celebratory mood that his predecessor has gone to answer some simple questions, instead of being worried that about 2000 criminals, murderers, assassins, felons and kidnappers are on the loose across Imo State and could possibly swell the ranks of the rampaging ‘unknown gunmen’?

The good news is that majority of ordinary Nigerians are sad about the turn of events and a good number of unaligned commentators seem to have got the joke that this is nothing far from a political vendetta. Ordinary Nigerians are not swayed by the massive throve of propaganda materials deliberately planted across different media in the ongoing media trial of the former governor. They seem to have made up their minds that the Ogboko born multi-billionaire philanthropist is a target of political hawks who want him out of the way before 2023.

However, I can assure those who are celebrating Okorocha’s incarceration that they are celebrating too early. The current Imo West Senator has answers to all the questions and no matter how long it takes, he should come out from these, unscathed.

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