Mbaka’s Fake Prophesy, Responsible For Turmoil in Imo – Primate Ayodele

Fiery Prophet and Spiritual Head of INRI Evangelical Church, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, in this interview with TAI ANYANWU takes a look at the state of the nation against the background of his earlier prophecies. He also wants the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministries, Emene, Enugu State, Fr Ejike Mbaka, to apologise for what he described as Mbaka’s ‘false and misleading prophecy’ which the primate insists is the cause of the ongoing turmoil in Imo State.

How would you describe the state of the nation today?

Over the years, I have warned that there will be anarchy in the country. Before the kidnappings, killings and banditry began in the country, God had shown me that kidnapping will take a horrendous dimension Nigeria.

But some people mocked me saying: ‘Oh, this is rubbish.’ Look, my prophecy is not permutation or something done for popularity. If it is about popularity, I have already gained popularity. I have gained fame here and all over the world. Before Joe Biden was picked to run for US Presidency, I had prophesied that he was the candidate who will deliver victory to the Democrats. Before Kamala Harris was chosen, I also said it. Also before the death of John Magufuli of Tanzania,

I said let’s pray against the death of a sitting President in Africa. Whatever I said, I have the records but our leaders don’t listen. I warned ahead of time against death of the Prime Minister of Cote d’Ivoire, Hamed Bakayoko, who died recently. Prophecy is a warning against an impending doom. But it depends on how one understands it and acts upon it.

Some people read prophecy as if they are reading a novel. When I prophesied about football score in the match between Lesotho and Nigeria, some people mocked me and said ‘Naija Bet.’ What is Naija Bet in that?

Nigerians are not serious. I prophesied the tribunal victory of President Akufo Ado of Ghana. And when some said Ado will not be sworn-in, I said that he would be sworn-in. So when you have something and you don’t know how to appreciate or handle it, then you are in trouble.

How does this affect Nigeria?

Nigeria is in trouble because we are taking God for granted. Technically, Government has failed. Government and Nigerians need to seek the face of God to move this country forward. I am not saying they should come to me. They have their pastors and Imams who government can go to or consult.    The state, of the nation is a clear testimony that the APC-led government has failed. They will continue to fail monumentally if they don’t watch their steps. Remember, I said in 2016 that IPOB will cause issues and Nnamdi Kanu was not ordained to actualise IPOB’s fight or goal. Nigeria will break but not now. No government is ready to revert to federalism because of their selfish interest. A lot of things are wrong and no coup will succeed in Nigeria at this moment.

Nigeria has gone beyond the level of coup. But there will be segregation, anarchy and bloodbath. I said all of these and they have come to pass in the name of God, not in my own name. It’s now left for the government to follow the way of God or to still ignore, feel superior and things would get completely out of hand. Remember precisely in 2018, I prophesied that Nigeria would go into recession. Today, is Nigeria not in recession? So the nation has collapsed and only God will help us to resurrect it. In terms of security, Nigeria has failed.

On the economic front, government has failed. In the areas of education, health, name it, we have failed. That is why Nigeria needs to seek the face of God. PDP and APC have failed Nigeria.

There is, however, a chance that there are people who can help the situation. Rule out death of sitting presidents, past presidents and all of that. But I tell you, politics without money is equals to zero. Those who do not have money cannot win election. Nigeria will break whether we like it or not. Only God will help us to exceed 2035. Nigeria will break, mark my word.

The people who can rescue the situation, I will tell you but not in this edition. I will reveal those people in July when I will unveil our latest prophecies. When I told PDP that only Senator Bukola    Saraki would give them victory in 2019, they picked the wrong person. And what happened? PDP lost.

Now APC should shift their party convention. They must work on it very intelligently. If they hold the convention now, it will break the party and that may pull the party down if they are not careful.

We have issues of kidnapping, banditry, herdsmen-farmers attack and insurgency. Who are really these people? Has God revealed who these people really are?

Thank you very much. Miyetti Allah is a terrorist group but government has not taken it seriously.

Abubakar Gumi is just like El-Zak Zaki. If El-Zak Zaki can be locked up, Gumi should also be locked. Miyetti Allah people should be locked up. It is the group behind herdsmen just like politicians are behind Boko Haram. Look, these attacks that have started in Imo State is going to shake Nigeria. Do you know why the crisis in Imo State is getting worst?

It is because God did not ordain Hope Uzodimma to be Governor of Imo State.

He just hijacked it and that is why there are deaths in that state. And he will pay for all of that. Hope Uzodimma did not win that election. Fr. Ejike Mbaka’s prophesy is not real, not of God. It’s deceit. Fr Mbaka should come out and apalogise to the whole world for misleading them.

That is also why the judiciary must review what is going on in Imo State. Hope Uzodimma must be removed with immediate effect. The truth is that politicians are the cause of all these problems of banditry, killings, kidnappings, herdsmen and Boko Haram menace in this country. That is what God has revealed to me. I didn’t say anybody should not challenge it.

But watch it, if the situation is not arrested quickly, matters  will get worst. And that is why the South -West must inject enough money into the operations of its security outfit, Amotekun, to get the outfit to function properly. Failure to do that, the Amotekun will turn out to be another cause for banditry and kidnapping in the South-West, in the nearest future.

South-West governors must handle the issue of Amotekun very properly. Politicians have created serious problems for our country and we need God’s intervention. They are also confused and mark my word, things will get to an extent that the masses will stone governors, former governors, President, ex-Presidents, Ministers and Honourable Members on the streets.

Vice President Yemi Oshibajo has been reduced to political nothingness. I just pity the man because he has no idea of what is going on.

So are you saying that the government of APC led by President Buhari has left Nigeria in more danger?

Definitely, but I won’t use your word. I will use my own word, because my word is divine and I can defend it at any time. We are battling insecurity. Nobody is safe. We have a new Inspector General of Police. I am happy. I am sending words to him; he needs to listen and do the right thing.

His mission in that position is divine. God has chosen him to be there. I don’t know him, but if I am given any message to give anybody, I will. I don’t beg anybody; I don’t need to parade myself before anybody. If God is here in Oke-Afa, in Lagos and that same God can talk to anybody anywhere in the world, I will never deceive myself. If I know you, I will write you and if I don’t know you, I will put it in the newspapers. Some states are going to be more volatile.

The states need prayers. Bomb scares, killings and kidnappings are imminent. Obas or kings, chiefs, Emirs and top politician can be kidnapped. The government of Buhari has misled the people. The cabals are taking advantage of President Buhari’s incapacitation to mislead Nigerians and this is wrong.

There is no unity in Aso Rock Villa; many things are wrong and there are lots of hidden things that are happening in the villa. They will soon be revealed.

Nowhere is safe. It’s only God who is protecting us. If they can kill police, army, and kidnap and kill them unnecessarily, who then is safe? You don’t kill your people that you are ruling. And that is what God has revealed to me. Why must a governor invite death to his people?

Who are these IPOB, ESN? What have they done? We ought to take it easy with them and have a dialogue. If they can give amnesty to Boko Haram, why can’t they call these boys to order?

Boko Haram is more terrible than IPOB. IPOB is not a terrorist organisation. The boys are not. The government of Buhari has missed it because of Buhari’s incapacitation. Three events will happen in 2023. So we have to be very careful about 2023 and pray towards it. I will reveal the events in July. Aso Rock Villa will be changed.

That villa will still not be in that place, they will take it to another place in the nearest future. They will attack governors’ convoys; they will stone politicians. APC must not do convention now, if they do it that will spell doom.

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