Can Hope Uzodinma Trust Chike Okafor?

It’ s no longer news, that the former commissioner for Finance in Imo State, under Rochas Okorocha, and current Federal House of Representatives member, representing Okigwe South, Deacon Chike Okafor, have dumped his political benefactor and mentor, Rochas Okorocha, and pitched his political tent with Okorocha’ s worst enemy, Senator Hope Uzodinma.

Political observers and analysts, are however doubtful of Chike Okafor’ s reliability, viewing him as a fair weather loyalist, who cannot bear the heat, and jumps to anybody in power, thereby having no real loyalty to anybody.

Members of the Okorocha Rescue Mission Political family, have not hidden their displeasure at the former banker cum political pastor, as they branded him a betrayer of the man that brought him from the banking hall, to the national political playing field.

They have also warned Uzodinma, that Okafor cannot be trusted, insisting that Okafor was only loyal to protect himself, not because he cared or really supported the Hope Uzodinma administration.

This have evoked the question whether Uzodinma can trust a man, who allegedly says one thing in the morning, yet says a different thing in the evening, while hiding behind a church title.

Some have wondered, if Okafor’ s loyalty will continue, if Hope Uzodinma finds himself out of power, should the Philip Umeadi suit see him out of office.

Chike Okafor, is believed to be nursing other grievances against his former political mentor and sponsor, as he is believed to feel betrayed by Okorocha, for making him believe he would become Imo governor in 2019, only to dump him for Uche Nwosu.

However, other schools of thought believe that it was not enough reason for him to stab Okorocha at the back.

According to the other school of thought, Chike Okafor on his own, admitted that Rochas Okorocha made him who he was, and as such he was wrong to turn against him.

They believe that since Uche Nwosu brought him to Okorocha, Chike was being ungrateful, for desiring to move above Uche Nwosu, when he should be grateful that Okorocha helped him get to where he was already.

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