What Would Have Happened If Rochas Okorocha Had Given Chike Okafor Power Instead Of Uche Nwosu?

The major reason the National leadership of the All Progressives Congress APC, and even the Presidency, turned against former governor of Imo State, and Senator representing Orlu zone, Senator Rochas Okorocha, during the 2019 General Elections, was his tendency to extreme nepotism.

This may still be a reason why they may never want him to rule Nigeria. The fear of putting absolute power, in the hands of a man with such tendencies, may not be something anybody would want in a country such as Nigeria.

Okorocha had the option to choose from his many aides and political associates a worthy replacement, but for fear of what anybody would find, which eventually, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha and Senator Hope Uzodinma have discovered, Okorocha opted for one option, that would surely never fail to cover him up; his son- in- law and former commissioner for lands, who helped him and his family balkanize Imo lands, Uche Nwosu.

Okorocha had the option of Prince Eze Madumere MFR, his Deputy Governor, but he probably knew that Madumere would not be able to keep quiet, when he realised the massive looting Imo went through under Okorocha. Sir Jude Ejiogu, a financial manager and his former Secretary to the State Government, was also not a good choice for Okorocha, because as a finance man, he would also see the rot Okorocha created.

At a time, Okorocha tilted towards Chike Okafor, his former finance commissioner, and even took Chike to see President Muhammadu Buhari a couple of times.

Liked by all, but as dangerous as Okorocha, Chike would have been his Man Friday, and Imo people would have willingly voted him into power, without realising that Okorocha had succeeded himself through Chike.

Rumour has it, that Okorocha’ s wife vetoed the choice of Chike Okafor, and insisted it would be Uche Nwosu. She probably didn’ t trust the over ambitious Obowo banker cum political pastor.

But if Okorocha had supported Chike instead of Uche, yes he may not have total control of Chike today, which was probably what his wife feared, but his crimes would have remained buried, as Chike knows where ” the loots are buried” and probably buried. few himself, which probably was why he was a visitor to EFCC as finance Commissioner.

He would not have probed Okorocha, neither would he take away Okorocha’ s loot, including his wife’ s hotel, for which Okorocha was manhandled and almost beaten by riffraffs, who weren’ t even up to the level of the lowest cook in his house.

Imo would have probably continued on the roller coaster ride Okorocha put it on under Chike Okafor, who didn’ t see anything wrong in Imo when he was hobnobbing with Okorocha.

His crossover to Uzodinma, is believed by observers to be for two reasons, one being to get back at Okorocha for denying him the price, and secondly, probably to save himself from any fallout of probes and investigation into the financial activities in the state, when he oversaw our purse.

Okafor have been faulted by Okorocha’ s supporters over the first reason, as they pointed out to him, that without Uche Nwosu recommending him to Okorocha, he would still be in Zenith bank, drawing a salary monthly, without access to the billions he now controls.

For them, Uche Nwosu should always be first pick, and Chike getting too over ambitious, or angry that he was skipped, was a sign of ingratitude, as they warned Uzodinma to be careful of his new friend.

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