Uzodinma’s Sin Against Imo People is Unforgivable, Lawyer Insists

Obidike Nwagwu Esq, an Owerri based legal practitioner, have turned his barrels on the Imo State governor, stating why Hope Uzodinma would not be able to win the people’s vote in 2023.

Nwagwu have been very vocal on political issues in the state, without taking sides with any party or individual, in his analysis of political happenings in the state.

In a chat with Verbatim News Correspondent Mercy Anaele, Nwagwu bared his mind on what may likely occur in 2023, if Hope Uzodinma still remains in power till then.

“Let’s tell ourselves the truth,” Nwagwu said. “Hope Uzodinma is really working. He is doing well, compared to Rochas Okororcha’s eight years of disaster in the state. I particularly like him for what he is doing to Okororcha, and his determination to recover everything that was stolen from Imo State.

“But his problem with Imo people is the general belief that he is operating on a stolen mandate. That’s his sin against the people of Imo State, and believe you me, he can tar all the roads in Imo State, and still not be accepted wholeheartedly by the people.

“Don’t take my word for it. You’re a journalist, go and interview people on the street, and ask them who won the 2023 governorship election in Imo State. You’ll hear first hand from them that Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha is the man they voted for.

“Uzodinma even confirmed their belief, when he made his very infamous Ben Johnson Way comment on live TV. It created a feeling of being robbed. The people felt defiled. It’s a feeling that is very hard to forgive and forget, and despite all the show he is doing in infrastructure, people still look at him as the man that denied them their choice.

“If Philip Umeadi doesn’t succeed in removing him through the Supreme Court, that is if they keep denying their integrity and sit on that clear-cut case, Hope Uzodinma cannot win Ihedioha free and fair in 2023. His only option may be the Ben Johnson Way again, but one on one, free and fair, even his people in Orlu, who he unleashed army and police on, would not vote him.

“Orlu people voted either of Ihedioha and Uche Nwosu. Okigwe was shared between Araraume and Ihedioha. Ihedioha dominated in Owerri zone. Even the man on the streets know this. Forget about figures anybody can write in a hotel room and present to anybody, the people know the truth, and it is a sin against them that will be very hard to be forgiven.

“Now Uzodinma is even causing more dislike for himself, despite all his road construction. Civil servants and pensioners are paid in a staggered system. Some get, other don’t. So when you complain you haven’t been paid, somebody else will say he has been paid. Confusing everybody. Then you see Uzodinma claiming he has paid everybody. Didn’t you see the protesters at Douglas House last week? Civil servants, with the letters of appointment and posting to prove they are not ghosts as alleged by Uzodinma.

“Uzodinma came from fourth, and in one of the most controversial rulings in Nigeria, became first. The people know who they voted and no matter how you try to make them think otherwise, that feeling of being defiled, of being denied their voice, their right, is very hard to forgive.”

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