Ihedioha is coming back as Imo Governor, Akuwudike insists

A popular political analyst and writer in Imo State, Maazi Obinna Akuwudike, have restated his conviction, that former governor of Imo State, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, would return to power, as Imo State Governor.

Akuwudike was speaking to MaaziTV correspondent, Mercy Anaele, when he made the disclosure,

Akuwudike, a former critic of Ihedioha, stated that he cannot in good conscience deny the fact that Ihedioha won the 2019 General Elections.

“I didn’t vote Ihedioha. I was never his fan, but I can’t in good conscience deny the truth, that Ihedioha won the 2019 General Elections. I have dared Uzodinma in a video on my wall, to swear before God that he won the election. He cannot do it. That ruling by the Supreme Court greatly embarrassed Nigeria. I have friends abroad who call me and tell me how that ruling has shamed Nigerians abroad.

“The Philip Umeadi case has presented the Supreme Court an opportunity to redeem itself, why they are dragging their feet over the matter is an issue that gives credence to the rumours we have been hearing everywhere, that justice is now for sale, and that money can determine the verdict you get.

“Look at Imo today, Pensioners are owed. Workers protested yesterday. They have been owed for almost a year. Yet Uzodinma is celebrating one year in office. One year of what? Ihedioha was not ready to compromise. He was not ready to use Imo funds to buy judgments because he knew Imo people wholeheartedly voted for him.

“Today one wonders why Pensioners and civil servants are being owed. We hear stories of monies used to settle for verdicts and all that, and when you see the Supreme Court dragging its feet from doing the right thing, you tend to believe whatever you hear.

“Are Pensioners and civil servants owed, because money is used to sit on a suit, to make sure it doesn’t come up? They know the outcome of that suit when it comes up. We want to see the next lie they will tell us, or if they will prove to the world for once, that there are people with integrity in Nigeria. This case has embarrassed Nigeria. I am ashamed to be a Nigerian because of this case. The judiciary is supposed to be impartial, uncorruptible and the last hope of the common man. Ihedioha is a common man, who will not use public funds to get favourable judgement. That is his only sin.

“You know me, I am not his fan. He even accused me once of not liking him (laughs), but I don’t blame him, because I probably gave him that idea, because I criticized him very much, even when he personally called me to work with him. But I can not deny the fact that Ihedioha won that election, and whether it is through Philip Umeadi or 2023, Ihedioha will reclaim his mandate. God is on the throne and He does not support injustice.

“It pains me when you even see supposed men of God congratulating evil. Some do so because their church member is the preparator. Speak out when you see evil because you don’t know tomorrow. How the fourth jumped to the first is something nobody can explain. I’m happy that many of those who joined hands in making this happen, are the ones crying today. Rochas is crying, Araraume is crying. Does he think Uzodinma will ever let him go to the Senate? They have money to waste. Until they right the wrong they did to Imo people, that’s what they’ll keep seeing. God is alive my dear.

“You better believe it today, Ihedioha is coming.”

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