Madumere is Imo People’s Champion while Okorocha was Imo People’s worst enemy, Edeji Insists

Popular Imo State opinion moulder, and political analyst, Mr. Chidi Edeji, has knocked former governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha, for making unguarded comments against former Deputy governor of Imo State, Pince Eze Madumere.
Edeji’s reaction is contained in an article sent to MaaziTV, and reads as follows;

Madumere is Imo Champion while Okorocha was our worst enemy

by Chidi Edeji

I don’t expect Prince Eze Madumere will waste his time, reacting to the comments made against him by Senator Rochas Okorocha. Nobody will waste his or her time dignifying the ramblings of a drowning man.

Hemmed in on all sides, Okororcha is desperately looking for who will drown with him.

Definitely not Prince Eze Madumere.

Okororcha had always been accused of having some form of diarrhea of the mouth, which makes him talk carelessly, most times, at his own detriment.

To imagine that the same person, who was begging for Prince Eze Madumere’s support, knowing that with Prince Eze Madumere behind him, his plot to turn Imo State into his private property would work, is now the person claiming that Prince Eze Madumere is unelectable, begs the question, whether Okororcha has fallen off his rockers.

Okororcha was the same person begging the “unelectable” Prince Eze Madumere, to agree to contest for the Owerri Senate seat, so that he can get Prince Eze Madumere’s support for Uche Nwosu, which was all he needed, to ensure victory.

Prince Eze Madumere’s refusal to enslave the people of Imo State in the hands of Rochas Okorocha and his family, has continued to haunt Okorocha ever since, and even more now, that he is being made to give account or lose, everything he acquired illegally in Imo State.

With the level of looting by Okorocha and his family, uncovered by the Judicial Panel of Enquiry, set up by Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, Prince Eze Madumere saved Imo State.

They would have looted the rest of the State, had Madumere not taken a stand with the people of Imo State, a stand which the people of Imo State are most grateful to him for.

When Okororcha tried to get his kangaroo impeachment, from his rubber-stamp State Assembly under Acho Ihim, it was Imo people, who mobilised themselves to stand guard at Madumere’s home, when Okororcha illegally withdrew Madumere’s government provided security, so that Madumere could be eliminated.

The court trashed the phantom attempt at impeachment, and as far as Imo is concerned, it never happened.

Imo people protected their champion, who was brave enough to stand up against a self styled emperor, and kick him and his family out of power.

That has continued to haunt Rochas Okorocha and his family members till date.

What more acceptance is Prince Eze Madumere looking for than that?

Okororcha’s arrest like a common criminal, and subsequent parading by the police, as well as Chinasa Nwaneri’s belittling of the former governor, were some of the best moments Imo people have had in recent times.

The level of hatred for Okorocha was so much, that even his own people in Ogboko, who in eight years, he didn’t build any road for, and are living without electricity, celebrated his arrest and humiliation.

It is his own people, who petitioned the state government over the Eastern Palm University, leading to government’s takeover of the place.

What more way will the people tell Rochas Okorocha that he is the one that has been rejected, and totally unelectable?

Without Prince Eze Madumere’s bravery in 2011, former president Olusegun Obasanjo would have returned Dr Ikedi Ohakim, as governor of Imo State. The former governor acknowledged Madumere’s effort, and tagged him the strategic thinker behind Okorocha, without whom, Okororcha would never have been governor.

In 2015, the “unelectable” Prince Eze Madumere still delivered Mbaitoli to APC, while Okororcha almost lost, if not for the manipulation of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, for which he made Araraume’s son a commissioner.

Despite deploying State resources in 2019, Okororcha barely managed to crawl into the Senate, in an outcome, Orlu people still believe was rigged.

By 2023, Imo people will find out just how electable Okororcha, and any member of his family is.

By merely being associated with the Okororcha family, can deny and deprive anybody of any public office in Imo State today.

Ifeanyi Araraume Jnr, once stated that he pitied Okororcha’s children, because the legacies of their father will haunt them for generations to come.

Prince Eze Madumere has proven himself before the eyes of the people of Imo State, he is the champion of the people, for standing up against a repressive, power drunk “emperor”.

Okororcha on the other hand, has rendered not just him self, but his entire family, including his in-laws Uche Nwosu and Uzoma Anwuka, unelectable and unacceptable in Imo State.

Without mincing words, Prince Eze Madumere remains a Champion for Imo people, while Rochas Okorocha remains the worst enemy of the people.

Ask the man on the streets to verify.

I’ll advise Okorocha to face the report of the Judicial Panel of Enquiry, as Senator Hope Uzodinma gets set to recover everything he has stolen from Imo State, and leave Prince Eze Madumere alone, ori nga ihi Madumere egbuo ya.

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