Sacked Uche Ogbuagu may face sanctions for disrespecting Imo Assembly leadership

There are indications, the the sacked former Majority Leader of the Imo State House of Assembly, Hon. Uche Ogbuagu’s problems, may yet be compounded, following the letter he released, claiming that he had earlier resigned his position as Imo Assembly Majority Leader, even before his formal sack.

In a letter addressed to the Imo Speaker, Rt Hon Alex Emeziem, Ogbuagu failed to address the Speaker properly, calling Emeziem “Mr.”, instead of his rightful title of “Rt. Hon.”

Reacting, popular social writer and commenter, Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha, noted the act as disrespectful to the Speaker of the House of Assembly, and capable of attracting more sanctions to Ogbuagu.

Ogbuagu’s claim of handing his resignation letter to the Speaker, before he was sacked, is another area he might have trouble, as the letter circulated from his office, did not show any proof that the letter was handed over to and received by the Speaker of the Imo State Assembly, as there was no signature of original copy collected by the Speaker’s office, to prove that Ogbuagu indeed handed over his resignation before his sack as he claimed.

Political observers are of the view, that Ogbuagu was probably trying to save face, as the Uche Ogbuagu they know, would have announced to the world, his resignation through his radio station, if indeed he had truly resigned before the sack.

Ogbuagu has promised in the letter, to reveal his reasons against the House leadership in time, even though he claimed his reasons were private at the moment.

The State Assembly is yet to react to Ogbuagu’s claim of resignation.

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