Hope Uzodinma may land in jail if Ihedioha sacks him from office

There is a likelihood, that Senator Hope Uzodinma may face jail time, if he loses the immunity, afforded to him by the office of Imo State Govenror, which he occupies how, and which shields him from prosecution, until he steps down.

Philip Umeadi SAN, and now recently, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, have approached the Supreme Court, to sack Uzodinma from office, based on a Supreme Court ruling, that declared Uche Nwosu as the authentic candidate of both the APC and the AA, in the Imo 2019 General Elections.

It is believed that on the day the case comes up, Uzodinma would most likely be removed from office, and Ihedioha returned as the governor of Imo State.

However, in such eventually, losing his office as Govenror, may not be the only thing Uzodinma risks losing.

Recall that Senator Hope Uzodinma, has a $12million fraud case chasing him around, before he became Imo Governor through the Supreme Court.

Vanguard had published on the 13th November 2018, about a $12million contract fraud, trailing Uzodinma, which would likely be waiting for him when he steps down from office, if he does not resolve it before then.

But a premature removal from office, might not afford Uzodinma all the time, and resources eight years in office as a Govenror, can afford him, to address the matter.

The case has gone silent since he became Govenror, but there are yet chances, that it will rear it’s head up if Uzodinma is removed prematurely, or if he stays up to 2023, and power leaves APC to a place he might not find favour in.

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