Uzodinma to Okorocha, “You’re an attention seeker, working with PDP”

Governor Hope Uzodimma has said former Governor of the State, Senator Rochas Okorocha is an attention seeker, which he is using as his pastime

Okorocha was arrested by the Police after he unsealed Royal Spring Palm Estate, Owerri, a property linked to his wife which was sealed by the Imo State government.

The former Governor had alleged that he was attacked by thugs aided by some aides of the Governor.

In a statement signed by Uzodimma’s Chief Press Secretary, Oguwuike Nwachuku, he said “No day passes without Senator Okorocha trying to use the name of Governor Uzodimma to either seek or divert attention of the public from activities linked to him, most of them reprehensible.

“Senator Okorocha’s recent ordeal where he wilfully broke the law by approaching the Royal Spring Estate belonging to his wife, to forcefully unseal it after the government had legally sealed the place, says it all about his mischievous intention to use Governor Uzodimma’s name to seek public notice.

Uzodimma accused Okorocha of not being alone in the act having found a new ally in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

“Senator Okorocha does not do this alone, but with the People’s Democratic Party in Imo State, his newest political ally. But we are not surprised.

“ It is on record that Senator Okorocha recently said he is working in cahoots with the opposition to achieve his political ambition, and he has not hidden his romance with key PDP figures in Imo State to undermine the All Progressive Congress government of Governor Uzodimma. 

The statement continued “Those who have been reading the lips of Governor Uzodimma since he assumed office in January 15, 2020 know that he is not the type who patronizes agents of violence regardless of the circumstances.

“Unlike Senator Okorocha, Governor Uzodimma views use of agents of violence to achieve whatever purpose as a sign of weakness.

“That Governor Uzodimma enjoys the overwhelming support of Imo youths is because he cares more about their future through skill acquisition and education, as against warehousing them as cannon-fodder or dispensible lots for self aggrandizement as the likes of Senator Okorocha are wont to do. Nothing can be as embarrassing and unfortunate as a former governor deliberately flouting the law and instead of facing the reality, he is busy stoking flame with inciting comments he knows are not true representation of what the APC government of Governor Uzodimma stands for” the statement stated


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