Rochas Okorocha in trouble as Lawmaker calls for his arrest, imprisonment

…calls on Uzodinma to recover every looted Imo property from Okorocha.

The Imo State House of Assembly member, representing Owerri-west, Mr. Kanayo Onyemaechi has called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to seriously put former govenror Rochas Okorocha’s eight years tenure rule under their microscope.

Onyemaechi made the call, while reacting to Okorocha’s claims, that he was the owner of Eastern Palm University (EPU), which was allegedly built with Imo state funds.

Onyemaechi stated that in Western countries, the like Rochas Okorocha would have been cooling off in prison for leadership rascality.

Onyemaechi expressed shock, at how Okorocha would brazenly lay claims to a university, built with funds from the state treasury, and further stated, that Okorocha committed many leadership blunder while in office, that should warrant his arrest and imprisonment.

Onyemaechi labelled Okorocha’s eight years reign as Imo govenror, as disastrous, wasteful and fraudulent. Onyemaechi insisted that Okorocha should be investigated and brought to public scrutiny.

Onyemaechi called on Senator Hope Uzodinma, to look into other property of the Imo State government, allegedly illegally taken over by the Okorocha, listing the Rochas College of Africa Orji, Okorocha’s Spibat estate, amongst others.
Onyemaechi thanked Uzodinma for recovering EPU to Imo State, stating that Imo was the rightful owner of the institution.

In another turn of events, the Imo State House of Assembly, approved the motion to change the name of the institution, from Eastern Palm University to K. O Mbadiwe University.

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