Ohanaeze Ndigbo: While Rochas Is A Bastard, Chidi Ibe Is A Prodigal Son Who Fought And Killed His Elder Brother, Emma

By Barr Umezuo Kingsley

In the Biblical parable of the Prodigal Son, a son receives his inheritance and travels to a distant country, wasted all his money in wild extravagance and becomes desperately poor.

When he saw that all the money in his possession had finished, he returned to his father, and was received with open arms. Prodigal, here and elsewhere, means rashly or wastefully extravagant otherwise, known as a despicable and unpleasant person. This is what Rochas Okorocha represents.

When Rochas Okorocha was rumoured to have originated from the North, having had an Igbo mother who was obviously impregnated by an Hausa man, traced to the descendants of one “Gwom Gwom” family in Jos, Plateau State after the death of the woman’s husband who lived in the North for decades.

Due to his paternal confusion and opprobrium, he barely sees himself as a true son of the Igbo. He is more relaxed with the Hausas than the Igbos. Why? Your thought is as good as mine! The question every true son of Igbo land should ask himself is; If Rochas is not an Igbo man, as noted with evidence, why then should he struggle to foist a church rat on us? This is very painful to the sensibility of an average Igbo man.

An Igbo proverb has it that no true son of the soil can harshly destroy his father’s home. No wonder Rochas is struggling to use a prodigal son, one Chidi Ibe who openly and embarrassingly assaulted his elder brother, Engr Emma Ojinere at Government house of Imo state when he was a commissioner to desecrate the sanctity and unity of Ohaneze Ndigbo worldwide

Chidi Ibe, a known fraudster, humanizer and gambler who converted ordinary N6 million approved by the state government for the hosting of world communication day in 2017 to personal use as a Commissioner for Information in Imo State cannot be taken serious in all ramifications. He should be aware that Ohaneze Ndigbo socio-cultural organization is not a money making venture he is positioned to loot.

A peep into his action against his elder brother showed that the heavy blow he inflicted on his brother, Engr Ojinere led to his death today, after he was secretly battled to be revived back to life after three years health incarceration. Recall that the rumor that Engr Ojinere died of Covid-19 complications was circulated by Chidi Ibe and his cohorts to make him remain on a safer side.

To express their grievances to the the Governor Rochas, youths from Ahiazu Mbaise protested against Chidi Ibe in December 2017 over the blow he inflicted on his Elder brother, Engr Ojinere, now late.

The questions remain begging for answer are; how can such character who could not hold his anger against his elder brother lead Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide? On what capacity are Rochas and his cohorts believe that his former aide could preside over the Affairs of the Igbos made up of intellectuals, business mogul, academics, and entrepreneurs? Though, It would have been much better if Rochas rooted for a credible personality not connected to his political feat!

Back to Rochas paternal quagmire, when this rumour, though true came up first, some APGA stakeholders then tried to play it down to avoid creating a “holy” war in his “adopted” community of Ogboko, Ideato South local government area of Imo State considering the fact that they were using him, Rochas Okorocha to stop the then Governor, Ikedi Ohakim from winning a second term.

To give credence to the true picture of his paternal and maternal nitwit, one of the elders in Ogboko, Nze Ifedi, now late ostracized Okorocha’s mother for bringing shame to the family. The record is still there for public access that Rochas’ mother died in exile as a result of psychological effect of her public rejection.

One now concurs that any child born in illegality and immorality will live to perpetuate immorality and illegality. The character of Rochas Okorocha nearly fetched him a jungle Justice in 1976 when angry youths numbering over 1000 rounded him up at the street of Barkin Ladin, Jos after he was accused of stealing a cow belonging to the king of the community.

Coming down to Imo , emissaries were sent to calm the nerves of aggrieved Ogboko kinsmen to lower the tempo of their anger to enable him contest the 2011 Governorship election. Rochas contested the election and won but an opportunity he would have used to settle communal scores with his kinsmen, he ended up on a revenge mission.

This is while those directly and indirectly involved in ostracizing his mother over immorality were marked and their lands grabbed for the building of Eastern Palm Univerdity, Ogboko own by him and his then ruthless administration.

Meanwhile, aware of his paternal problems especially, with the original offspring of Okorocha-Ochiedike of Ogboko, Rochas Okorocha angrily joined Reformed Ogboni Confraternity to intimidate anyone that would rise up to disturb him and his younger sister Ogechi who are bastards. The whole globe was awash of the newspaper publication of his involvement in the secret world.

In pursuit of his quest to erase bastards in his fore-father’s home, Nze Ifedi died mysteriously and his dead body still missing till date.

This dastardly act was condemned by all and sundry in Ogboko, but covert investigation into the sudden death and disappearance of Nze Ifedi was traced to Rochas.

To ascertain the truism of his spurious behavior, all efforts by his kinsmen to convince him to swear about his link to the sudden death and disappearance of Nze Ifedi was rebuffed by him.

This is how wicked and mean Rochas could appear in any cause he has interest in. His sudden pursuit of bastardizing Ohanaeze Ndigbo socio-cultural Organisation is not surprising, having received an 18 months stern duration by the Fulani caliphate to destroy the organization.

A deep investigation into the clandestine and shenanigan activities of Rochas showed that the only option given to him by his Hausa brothers before he could gain their support for his 2023 Presidential ambition was to use every available means to create confusion in Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide.

The reason for this orchestrated game plan against Ndigbo is stage-managed by Rochas and Northern Emirs, and carried out through his homo colleague, Chid Ibe to severe the Igbos into different factional groups so as to afford them the leeway to perpetuate their heinous political robbery against the South Easterners in 2023.

Regrettably, Rochas after wrongly and deceitfully elected the Governor and Senator in Igbo land respectively, a tribe he should not have been regarded as a non bonafide son of the soil has suddenly realized overnight that it is time to do the biddings of his biological Hausa brethren as against a people that gave him all he never dreamt of, to persify the public odium and opprobrium meted out at his mother when she committed immorality.

Notably, another reason why Rochas is using his Homosexual partner, Chidi Ibe to disturb the peace and tranquillity of Ohanaeze Ndigbo is to show cause that he can rely on him having tested the Ahiazu Mbaise, Imo state born homosexual owing to the fact that he will keep everything with high level of secrecy.

While we wait to hear from the duo of Rochas and Ibe, after this secret is let off the public, we will not hesitate to give you a full dose of everything that transferred before, during and after Nze Ifedi died mysteriously and his missing corpse.


The views shared are the sole views of the writer and not of this blog.

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