Trouble Looms: Imo Will Burn, Nnamdi Kanu Warns Hope Uzodinma

.Asks Imo Govt To Release Detained Chief Priest

A new wave of insecurity is about to be witnessed as leader of the IPOB,  

Nnamdi Kanu has issued warning to Imo State Governor to release priest.

 Information Trumpeta obtained online has it that the arrest of the chief priest during the recent crisis in Orlu area has pitched the state government against IPOB.  

The report monitored online states that”Nigeria Soldiers stormed Communities in Orlu that resulted into many deaths and loss of properties, also attacked several Sabbath Churches. They set some ablaze and arrested the worshippers who were saying their prayers before the invasion, they were denied bail by the presiding judge on grounds bothering on their religion and an unfounded rumor that they are IPOB loyalists.

“Nnamdi Kanu noted that the synagogue of the Chief priest was burned down and destroyed and he was later arrested.

 “Nnamdi Kanu who was on Live Broadcast from Houston Texas warned the Governor to immediately release the Chief Priest or Imo State Nigeria will burn.

“Supreme Court governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma, I want to warn you that the High priest Igbola and some other women you sent the solders to abduct today in Orlu must be released, otherwise, whatever you see in Imo state, you take it.”

“I am warning them if you don’t release them Imo state will burn, and that Army you are planning to move into Biafraland you can move them into Imo state and they will all die.

“After doing what I will do to Imo state, I will be the one to hand myself to Hague ICC, they should release the priest and all those abducted.

“If you know hope Uzodinma go and tell him and Hope Obiozor to release the Rabbi or else what they are looking for in Imo state they will get it.”

The kind of madness that will elope in Imo state when they ask me I will tell them about the Rabbi that they are holding. “If you don’t show them madness they will not understand,” Nnamdi Kanu said.

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