Reaction trails Hope Uzodinma’s promise of security for Fulani herdsmen

From Victor Duruamaku Owerri

Since the pronouncements by Imo Governor Hope Uzodinma that the state Government would provide adequate security and comfort to the Fulani herdsmen and other members of the Hausa community resident in the state Imo people have been reacting to the Governor’s position

According to the people who bore their minds while chatting with journalists in owerri the state capital, Wednesday, the Governor’s decision and pronouncements are just his own opinion and cannot be biding on the people of the state

In his own comments, a farmer from Ohaji/Egbema local government area of the state Mr George Echezona Obile, recounting his dad experience in the hands of the herders, said no leader who has the interest of his people or followers in mind would permit Fulani herdsmen to reside in his area of authority.

He said further, ” Governor Hope Uzodinma should reconsider his promise to the Fulani herders and think of the interest of the people of the state ” adding, ” to my mind what the Governor had done is to create room for more violent conflict between the Fulani herdsmen and the farmers in future ”.

Mr Obile recalled the wife of his cousin was molested and another relation of his by name Tonny  Ezeani was killed in his farm land by the herders

Another person a woman activist in owerri municipal council, Mrs Bridget Onuzo Njoku noted that the Governor made the promise pretending not to have heard what the herders have been doing to innocent people in the bushes in the state

She asked ” has he not heard how this people have been killing, kidnapping and even rapping in the bushes and destroying peoples’ farm lands

Mrs Njoku also said ” the issue of welcoming the Fulani herdsmen in the state should be handled with care, we all know that the Governor will not be in the office for ever but with what he has done now the Fulani herdsmen will be in the state for a long time

She therefore urged the Governor to look back and do the right thing to save the people and their farm lands

According to her, the Fulani herdsmen are moving around with their cattle to feed their families like the farmers are doing their business to feed their families.

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