Beware of fraudsters, Obabor Nkwokwu Community warn prospective buyers of disputed land

From time immemorial, rivers have always been natural boarders between one community and the other, or between one state and the other.

Rivers, although inherently dynamic, have been chosen as political boundaries since the beginning of colonization for several reasons. Such divisions were chosen namely for their defensive capabilities and military benefits, and because they were often the first features mapped out by explorers.

Rivers have always been natural boarders/boundaries between one Community and the other, Local Government and another, State and another and even between countries and the other.

It now becomes worrisome, when a community would reach across a river, to claim the lands belonging to another community, probably because they think they have more rich men in their community than the other community, and can suppress them into taking away their land.

This has been the case of Umueme, Awo Ommama in Oru East, and the people of Obabor Nkwokwu, Eziama Obiato in Mbaitoli LGA.

The Njaba river has for centuries, served as a natural boundary, demarcating these two communities.

But the people of Umueme, probably because they believe they can oppress the people of Obabor Nkwokwu, have been reaching over the river, and laying claims to Obabor Nkwokwu lands.

They have countless times, crossed over the bridge from their side, and attacked the people of Obabor Nkwokwu, harvesting and destroying their farms and agricultural produce, as well as harassing their women.

The matter have been in court for many years, and despite having won the people of Umueme in this same matter decades ago, they have remained bent on uprooting the people of Obabor Nkwokwu from their homes.

The matter is now at the Supreme Court, but the people of Umueme, disobeying the court, have continued to invade Obabor Nkwokwu community, with their latest action of putting the entire lands of Obabor Nkwokwu up for sale, which implies criminal intent as their purpose.

The Peace loving people of Obabor Nkwokwu, have restrained themselves from any action, that could lead to a breech of peace in the area, even though they are as capable to match Umueme in violence, which seems to be the plan of the people of Umueme. The people of Obabor Nkwokwu have been swallowing all the insults, attacks and harassment from the people of Umueme.

This latest criminal act by the people of Umueme, have prompted the people of Obabor Nkwokwu, to make a public warning to the general public over this matter, warning those who may be cajoled or deceived into paying fraudsters for fake lands, to beware else risk being duped by criminal elements.

The Release from the people of Obabor Nkwokwu reads as follows:

The attention of Obabor Nkwokwu Village of Eziama Obiato in Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State, has been drawn to a publication through sign post captioned

“NOW SELLING: ALA OFE GARDEN CITY, AWO-OMEMMA”, mounted at a piece of land situate at the southern Area of Njaba River (Obabor Nkwokwu Village Land) along Owerri-Onitsha Express Road, Obabor Nkwokwu Village, Mbaitoli LGA, Imo State calling for buyers to the sale of the pieces or parcels of land therein.

This publication was made by unidentified land grabbers.

The general public is hereby put on notice that the entire parcel of land situate at the Southern Area of Njaba River in Obabor Nkwokwu Village in Mbaitoli LGA. Imo State belong-to Obabor Nkwokwu Village
in Eziama obiato Autonomous Community of Mbaitoli Local Government
Area of Imo State.

Note that the said land is not for sale.

FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that the said parcel of land is the subject of litigation at the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Abuja Supreme Court Apeal No.SC186/2007
between Nkwokwu Village, Eziama Obiato in Mbaitoli LGA, and Umueme Awo Omemma in Oru East LGA, which Supreme Court has not been determined till date.


The Obabor Nkwokwu Village in Eziama Obiato Autonomous Community of Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo
State are by this Notice informing the General public, that any person or persons who encroaches or encroach on the said land, or any person or group of persons who deals with any agent(s) in whatever capacity with respect to the said land, or who purchase the said land, or any part thereof does so at his or her or their own risk.

The general public and buyers of land are
hereby advised to beware.

Signed for and on behalf of Obabor Nkwokwu Village, Eziama obiato
Autonomous Community, Mbaitoli LGA.

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