Okigwe Senate: Hope Uzodinma may have cost APC a Senate seat

With the Appeal Court ruling yesterday 6th of February 2021, upholding the previous ruling of an Abuja High Court, there are heightened chances, that the APC may lose the Okigwe Senate seat to the PDP.

The legal impasse that had engulfed the Okigwe Senate, started almost immediately after Uzodinma was sworn in as Govenror of Imo State.

With the support of Senators Rochas Okorocha and Ifeanyi Araraume, Uzodinma was able to remove Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha through the Supreme Court.

However, Uzodinma was opposed to Araraume’s desire to return to the Senate, and set out to ensure that he frustrated Araraume’s Senatorial ambition.

One of the fears believed to be behind Uzodinma’s opposition of Araraume’s Senate ambition, is that Araraume would become too powerful and probably take away the Govenroship ticket from Uzodinma in 2023.

Without properly vetting the candidate presented to him by Hon. Emeka Nwajiuba, Uzodinma threw his support behind Frank Ibezim, against Araraume.

Uzodinma’s faction will declare Ibezim winner of the APC Primaries, while the Rochas Okorocha backed faction, will declare Araraume the winner.

The logjam would drag on in court to the eve of the Bye-election, resulting in APC walking into the election without a candidate, as both Araraume and Ibezim were on the eve of the election, barred by court injunctions.

Ibezim had successfully defeated Araraume at the Supreme Court, to emerge the authentic candidate of the party, only to be sacked by the Appeal Court, over the case of false educational documents.

With a very likely similar verdict from the Supreme Court, on the matter of Ibezim’s certificates, the PDP seems more likely to take over the seat vacated by the untimely death of Senator Benjamin Uwajumogu over a year ago.

Political analysts have heaped the blame of APC’s likely lose of the Senate seat, on Senator Hope Uzodinma and Hon Emeka Nwajiuba, both men, for their personal reasons, had fought their party’s best candidate, and presented a candidate with questionable credentials.

Analysts wonder what penalty awaits Uzodinma, for letting his personal reasons, truncate the party’s interests.

Uzodinma had lost several seats to the PDP since taking over power from Ihedioha, starting from his own Federal Seat, to the Edo election which he led and failed to PDP.

The Anambra PDP, had recently warned him, that Anambra was not Imo State, and if the APC loses to PDP in Okigwe, all because of his personal opinion clouding the interest of the party, Uzodinma may not receive the clap on the back of job well done, by the National Body of the party, and may already be creating room to lose his 2023 ticket, the same reason he fought Araraume for.

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