Nigeria risk Nationwide uprising against Fulani if Buhari doesn’t control them now

In recent times, notably since the emergence of the Muhammadu Buhari administration, the Fulani herdsmen issue had suddenly become a cause for security concern across the entire nation, even more prominent now, than the Boko Haram issue.

In almost every part of the country, especially in the Southern and Middle Belt parts of the country, there have been clashes with Fulani herdsmen, clashes that have led to loss of lives and billions in property.

Our highways in recent times aren’t safe anymore, as the same Fulani herdsmen, have severally been accused of kidnappings and killings across the country.

Suddenly, everybody seems to be speaking out against one people; the Fulani.

In the SouthWest, the Amotekun was probably formed mainly after public outcry over atrocities by these Fulani herdsmen.

Lately, Ododuwa Republic seperatist and activist, Sunday Igboho is taking the bull by the horn, and the SouthWest is gradually coming out as one to speak against Fulani.

Igboho had issued a sack of Fulani in Oyo, a situation which cumulated in the burning of the Palace of the Fulani leader in Oyo.

Ogun people, have recently started calling Igboho to help them sack Fulani in their state.

In the SouthEast, separatist leader of the IPOB, have formed a rather formidable armed force targeted at the Fulani herdsmen, who have been accused of so much atrocities in the area.

A few days ago, the ESN struck a Fulani settlement and destroyed their herds.

The Middle Belt that have suffered the most of these Fulani led clashes, may even likely join the people of the SouthWest and East, in this latest campaign against the atrocities of the Fulani herdsmen.

If care is not taken, similar occurrence may start in other states across the nation, where the Fulani have wreaked so much havoc to the indigenous people.

I have also noticed increased literature, debates and talks against the activities of the Fulani herdsmen.

Even the educated Fulani have started condemning the activities of the nomadic Fulani, who are causing trouble across the country.

Nigeria is sitting on a keg of TNT as it is right now, and a little misstep, can throw the nation in more crisis than she can handle at the moment.

Almost 70% of the Nigerian military forces, is tied down in the battle with Boko Haram.

Fresh crisis anywhere else in the country, can leave the entire nation vulnerable, and risk a total breakdown of law and order.

Nigeria cannot risk further violent confrontation, but the Fulani herdsmen seem to be determined to create more trouble for an already seriously troubled nation.

The landmass in the North is larger than that of the South. Why can’t the herdsmen keep their herds in the North, where they have all the land to use, rather than invade the South and cause trouble everywhere?
For a supposedly great nation like Nigeria, it has become increasingly shameful, to see herds of cattle using the same roads used by human beings. I has become even more embarrassing to read supposedly leaders, comparing cattle life to human life. It’s shameful, yet in a Nigeria that should be the giant of Africa, where we should be thinking of how to build the nation, we are destroying it over cattle.

If I were a leader in this country, I will be ashamed of myself and ashamed of my silence.

In the North, the Hisbah destroy alcoholic products. These are peoples businesses that are destroyed. Yet in the South, Fulani herdsmen destroy and kill people and the people are attacked when they try to defend themselves.

The Buhari government have been accused of its sympathy to herdsmen, regardless of the killings and atrocities they have wrecked across the nation.

Is it because Buhari is Fulani that the Fulani becomes untouchable?

Buhari is the leader of the entire nation, the supposed father is all, and ad such, shouldn’t be seen supporting one people over the others.

With the gradually uprisings against the activities of the Fulani across the country, we risk seeing the entire country rising up against the Fulani, if our leaders don’t start now to toll the path of peaceful coexistence.

Why we don’t like peace is something I just can’t understand.

The Nigeria strategy to situations, have always been force.

The people complain about Fulani herdemen killings and kidnapping, and instead of punish the offenders to show impartiality, our leaders sent police and army against the people for complaining.

If President Yar’Adua had lasted longer, he would have brought real peace across the nation, as he seemed right understand how to handle crisis and brought the unrest in the Niger Delta to an end.

Under him, we didn’t hear of Fulani misbehaviour even though he was Fulani.

Buhari should emulate Yar’Adua and advocate for peace, before this gradual uprising fireballs into something he might not be able to control.

A word should be enough for the wise. In Nigeria, everybody have been talking, but those who should be listening seem to be deafened by power. This is usually how a fall starts.

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