Blame Nigerian Security Agents for Orlu shootings, OYC insist

The Ohanaeze Youths Council OYC, led by Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, have heaped blames on the Nigerian Security Forces, for the shooting that went on in Orlu, Imo State recently.

This was contained in a Press Release made available to MaaziTV and reads as follows;



Gov. Uzodimna Should Prevail On The Army To Vacate The Streets And Road

The Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC), the apex youth body of Ohanaeze Ndigbo have observed with keen interest the deliberate revenge of the Nigerian military on the armed gang that attacked them on Friday, 23rd January 2021 at a nearby bush between Umutanze and Okporo Orlu, in Imo State.

The strategy and tactics the Nigerian army deployed in engaging the armed gang was very poor and unprofessional, hence has led to unwarranted crisis in Orlu zone. This has been the pattern of the Army on any issue or matter that concerns the Igbos. It’s very unfortunate that the Nigerian security have never solved any problem in Igbo land, what they normally do is to create more problems.

From our investigation, an unidentified person informed the Nigerian army about some armed group in the bush, of which they immediately swing into action in search of the armed group and a fracas ensued, resulting to the exchange of gun shooting on Friday 23rd Jan.

Unfortunately, the Nigerian army went back on a revenge mission on Saturday, 24th Jan. 2021, and engaged in the maiming and shooting of innocent civilians within Umutanze and Okporo, breaking people’s homes, and ransacking the whole neighbourhood where they had shooting with the armed group, in a violent manner.

The Ohanaeze Youth Council, has queried the Nigerian Government to give explanation to the rationale behind the shooting of civilians by Nigeria army at Umutanze and Okporo.

With the above scenario, we call on the Chief Security Officer of Imo State, Sen. Hope Uzodinma to fish out all the soldiers who are involved in Umutanze and Okporo shooting and appeal for calm before it snowballs into an uncontrollable proportion.

It is therefore unacceptable for the Nigerian Army to launch a revenge attack against the innocent civilians in Orlu. We see this as a deliberate act and ethnic cleansing against Ndigbo by Nigeria government.

For those accusing any group, the identity of those engaged in the shooting at the bush with the Army is still unknown as all the information circulating on the social media are mere speculations and rumors without facts.

Ohanaeze Youth Council, therefore, demand that the Army furnish the general public with an information clarifying the identity of the group or individuals that they had shootings with at Okporo Orlu.

We cannot continue to live in imagination or accusation without fact. The shooting between the Nigeria Army and the group that took place at new Owerri road along Harvest hotel should be investigated immediately.

It’s unfortunate that social media misled the general public with the video clip of three vehicles and one hilux truck with armed men. Till today, the Nigerian security men have not come out with a clear evidence on the identity of the armed group. We, therefore, call for thorough investigation on the matter.

It is a fact that creating tension in Orlu can’t be a workable approach to maintain peace and social order in the area. Ohanaeze Youth Council therefore appeal to the governor of the state to withdraw the army on the streets and roads in Orlu, let them enter into bush to search for those that engaged them in a shooting.

Unfortunately on Wednesday 27th Jan. 2021, gun shootings was still heard from military men within Umuna area with soldiers humiliating, torturing and molesting civilians around Banana junction and Orlu local government headquarters. This will trigger provocation and more crisis.

We regret to re–emphasize that Ndigbo have lost confident and trust in Nigeria security, in other words, Nigeria security agents have become a threat to Ndigbo anytime they were called to maintain peace and other.

Ohanaeze Youth Council reminds Gov. Hope Uzodinma that the untrained, unprofessional and hate actions of the Nigeria army against Ndigbo will result to more death of innocent civilians if the army are allowed to continue to be on the streets and roads of Orlu.

OYC is ordering the armed group, for the interest of peace, to vacate immediately from Orlu before they are confronted with a revolt from the residents of the community.

OYC advices that the most effective approach to regain peace and order in Orlu, is to deploy all the communities local vigilante groups in the area to mount surveillance on the streets and roads. This will help in bringing an immediate sanity and peace in Orlu, Orsu, Oru East, Oru West, Njaba and Isu.

Failure to apply this workable means to restore peace in Orlu by the governor, will amount to civil unrest and resistance should the killing of innocent civilians in Orlu continue from 29th Jan. 2021 by reckless Nigeria Army.


Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka

National President Ohanaeze Youth Council(OYC)

28th, Jan. 2021

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