Emulate Ojukwu, listen to others, Iwuanyanwu tells Kanu

Chidiebube Okeoma, Owerri

Elder statesman, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, has advised the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, to emulate the footsteps of late Biafra warlord, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu.

Iwuanyanwu, who spoke when the leadership of the Coalition of South-East Youth Leaders conferred on him the award of its grand patron in Owerri, the Imo State capital, pointed out that Ojukwu listened to his people.

He said “Ojukwu did not ignore elders and he never declared Biafra on his own. It was the people from all walks of life – the academia, businessmen, civil and public servants – that called upon him to declare the state of Biafra and become its leader.“That was why Ojukwu was able to hold Nigeria for three years without rebellion. Most of us who fought the war were intelligent, but we had to join and fight the war. We’re very proud that we fought that war.

“You (Nnamdi Kanu) can’t come on your own and declare Biafra and ask me, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, to follow you. Even in a monarchical system, people’s opinions are sought. What do you have that you are declaring war here and there? You are only endangering the lives of your brothers, the youth who you claim to lead. You have to come and seek advice from Igbo elders. They’re the people that will guide you.

“All we’re asking for in Nigeria is to restructure Nigeria, which Gowon agreed but his people rebuked him. Gowon also tried his best to fulfil most of the things that were agreed before the end of the war.”

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  1. Another blasphemous comment from the same treacherous elements. If Ojukwu listened to elders and people,were they not the same people that betrayed him? So MNK will come and bow to you before you will render your support? Hardel and Enic rendered all our roads useless and contract funds siphoned CHARITY begins at home, how many roads awarded to your company in Imo state and Igboland were constructed? That’s the kind of elders we will respect? Please…the people giving you award are just seeking for attention and displacing their priorities. Biafra will come whether you followed or not, and when the time comes we shall remind you of this utterances.

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