Account for LG allocations – Imo APGA tells Hope Uzodinma

The Imo State All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA, have called on Senator Hope Uzodinma, to give account of the local government allocations, he received since his one year in office.

This was contained in a Press Release from the office of the New Media Director of the party, and made available to MaaziTV



…As Imo APGA Spokesperson – Comrade CHILAGOROM Ifeanyi Frowns At The Dilapidated States Of Imo Rural Roads, Markets And Public Schools.

The states of Imo rural roads, is quite terrible that one starts to ask if Imo Local Government Areas do collect Monthly Allocations from the federal government. Since the emergence the the present Imo “Stolen government “, Imolites are yet to experience full positive impacts, especially in the rural development. Imo rural roads have turned to bushes and deathtraps. People from rural areas cannot stop to suffer while trying to move from one location to another.

When the present Imo government came into power, Senator Uzodinma said and I quote: “…I also directed that Local Government Areas Funds to be sent straight to the Local Governments until such a time that the state is ready to release 10% of their IGR to the Local Governments, so we can now begin to do the business of JAC (Joint Allocation Committee)”.

The above and other sweet stories, were said by Senator Uzodinma sometime in January, 2020 as he spoke with Journalists in an interview at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, where he vowed to fulfil his campaign promises to Imolites.

At the moment, the deplorable state of Imo rural roads cannot be overemphasized. Roads in Imo State have really turned to deathtraps as Imolites continue to suffer due to poor road network. Does Imo Local Government Areas really collect Monthly Allocations like their counterparts? Is there someone handling the affairs of Ndi Imo at the moment? As a matter of fact, things have really turned from worse to worst in terms of infrastructural development in Imo State.

What has gone wrong with the said 2019 approved RAMP in Imo State?

On 28th August, 2019, there was a lunch of 13.5 billion naira road projects in Imo State. The World Bank assisted Rural Access and Mobility Project (RAMP) included 380.7 kilometres of rural roads across the 27 Local Government Areas of Imo State. It was said then by the past administration, that swift payment of the counterpart fund was approved to activate the project upon assumption of office. Imolites really celebrated the approval of RAMP as it is obvious the wonderful project would have boosted Agriculture and socio-economic development in the entire state, and also reduce rural-urban migration.

What exactly has gone wrong with the approved 2019 RAMP in Imo State? What has the present Imo government achieved so far with Imo Local Governments Allocations?

We therefore, call on Senator Uzodinma to give accurate account of one year Monthly Allocations of 27 Imo Local Government Areas or expect protest from Imolites. It is very unfortunate that the present Imo government has no good plan to develop Imo communities.

#Imo Is In Total Decay

#Imo Needs Standard Road Constructions And Rural Developments

#Imolites Have Suffered Enough On Poor Road Network And Infrastructure

#What Happened To The 27 Imo Local Governments Allocations?

#The Looting Of Public Funds In Imo State Cannot Be Overemphasized

Comrade CHILAGOROM Ifeanyi
DG, Imo APGA New Media

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