Okorocha yet to explain the whereabouts of Imo Air

Sometime in 2017, former Govenror of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha announced that Imo State had joined the airline business, when he arrived with an aircraft with the branding Imo Air on its side.

From the markings, it appeared that the aircraft was to be operated by Dana Airlines.

Four years after, Okorocha have yet to explain to Imo people the deal he had with Dana Air over the aircraft, neither have he revealed the whereabouts of the aircraft, which seemed to vanish from the airspace almost immediately after it appeared.

Imo people now wonder, was the entire announcement a ruse, used to fool the people of Imo State, or was there actually an aircraft purchased with Imo State funds, and handed over to Dana Air to manage?

The people of Imo State are also interested to know the hanger the aircraft had been parked, since it seems not be have flown again, after Okorocha arrived Imo with it in 2017.

Was it sold? Why was it sold? Who bought it? What happened to our money used in acquiring it?

The Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha administration set up probes into the activities of Okorocha while in office. Uzodinma continued with those probes.

Imo people expect the probes to extend to the whereabouts of Imo Air and once and for all, solve this mystery.

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