Whisper To Humanity’s HOME4HOLIDAY Project

With the After effects of the EndSARS protest still hitting on citizens, Whisper To Humanity, a Youth-led Feminist Organization have seen to it that young women and girls arrested and detained during and in relation to the protest are released before the Christmas holidays.

Many of these women were arrested during the protest with no form of documentation, while others were arrested for allegedly flouting curfew rules.

These detainees were without means of contacting their families.

After launching the Home4holiday project in October 2020, Whisper To Humanity have ensured that 25 women who were arrested due to the EndSARS protests were located and released before the holidays.

These women have returned to their families and are still picking up their lives.

One of the Victims Peace, had this to say “I don’t know what I would do without these people, they came and saved us. 17 days in that police is not a joke”.

With the victims and families singing praises of the Organization and the lawyers in charge, the founder and director of the Organization Maryjacob Okwuosa had this to say “It is saddening to know that after protesting against brutality, human rights are still violated without remorse. These numbers are not all there is in custody, and with all the help possible, we will work tirelessly until all women held unjustly, are home.”

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