Used and Dumped: Should Nwaogwugwu be blamed for dumping Imo PDP for Uzodinma?

By Maazi Obinna Akuwudike

Today 17th of January 2021, broke with the reported dumping of the Imo State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, by their former Spokesperson and Director of New Media, Mr. Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, for the Senator Hope Uzodinma led Govenrment.

The questions many ask is, who did the dumping first, and should Nwaogwugwu be blamed for dumping the Imo PDP?

Recall that Nwaogwugwu, in his fight in defense of the Imo State PDP, was arrested and arraigned in a magistrate court, for posts he made against Hope Uzodinma, which included tagging him a Supreme Court Governor.

While in detention, Nwaogwugwu was allegedly pressured to recant his statements, and join the Uzodinma led administration, but he remained firm with the Imo State PDP, undergoing the torture of being dragged from court to DSS detention cell, as his future hung in the balance.

He did not flinch then. Why did he shift now?

The news of his removal from office late last year, by the Imo PDP leadership, did not go down well with many people who have been following the Mbaise born fiery writer, and many assumed that he had been used and dumped by the PDP.

For the sacrifices he made for the PDP, many expected a lot of thank you packages from the party to him. Some like myself, expected a car for him, accommodation, cash amongst other things. But despite risking his life and future for the party, nothing came to him as reward in form of these things, rather, Nwaogwugwu was unceremoniously dumped by the party he risked everything for.

I do not hold brief for Mr. Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, who may have a contrary opinion to this, neither do I hold brief for the PDP, and definitely do not hold brief for the Hope Uzodinma led administration, but I always speak facts as I see it.

The case of Ambrose Nwaogwugwu was my case, and the case of many young supporters of political office holders and political parties in the state.

I made enemies for the sake of politicians. That was my biggest mistake in life. None of these politicians are worth making enemies with anybody for.

They drive bulletproof cars worth hundreds of millions of naira, with teams of policemen around them at all times, yet those who take the media bullets for them walk about the streets of Owerri, unprotected, and open to harm.

Nwaogwugwu, wrote what could have put his life in serious risk. Yes, he risked his life and freedom. Yet to my eyes, and the eyes of any reasonable person, he was very underappreciated and unceremoniously dumped.

Reinventing himself with Hope Uzodinma, may seem distasteful to his teaming supporters, but if the politicians at PDP had done the needful, they wouldn’t be losing their biggest cannon to Uzodinma.

Yes, Nwaogwugwu was the PDP’s biggest cannon. He was the golden boy. The Hero. A star attraction. At a time, the name Ambrose Nwaogwugwu was more popular than almost any politician’s name in Imo. How many of the other PDP writers have been detained for what they wrote? How many of them dared as much as Nwaogwugwu did? How many of them living in Owerri challenged Uzodinma daily like Nwaogwugwu did?

Yet it seems that many of them were more appreciated than Nwaogwugwu was.

Nwaogwugwu didn’t want anybody to hold brief for him, when we called for some rewards for him, including a car from the PDP, but it’s high time our politicians especially in the PDP, start paying more attention to growing these young men and women that take the bullet for you.

The previous occupants of Nwaogwugwu’s former seat also got the same treatment from PDP, despite taking bullets for the party.

Why it has become the norm with Imo politicians to use young men and women, without impacting them positively in business or trade or Govenrment employment, and dump them afterwards has become worrisome.

It’s high time a price tag is placed on followership, whereby you sign contract with the politicians on terms of service, rather than slavish followership only to be dumped when they think they have no need for you.

I will not support Uzodinma based on principles, as I believe Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha won the election, and if Philip Umeadi’s suit brings Ihedioha back to power, I do no expect anything from him, but I urge those who hire young men and women for political jobs, to think for their future rather than thinking for their now. Set them up rather than pay them peanuts which most times, our politicians owe them despite all the risks they take.

It’s unfair. If indeed Nwaogwugwu have ported. Good luck in your future endeavors.

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