Threat to Nigeria’s Unity will no longer be tolerated, Thanks to Armed Forces – ELFON

As Nigeria celebrates Armed forces rememberance day, the National President of Emerging Leaders Forum of Nigeria (ELFON) and convener of Project Unity Nigeria; Amb. Godstime Chukwubuikem Samuel in a media interview has described the renewed threats by anti-oppression, separatist groups, clamoring for freedom as a threat to the already tattered fabrics of Nigeria’s unity.

The Emerging Leaders Boss who spoke on Friday morning; 15th January 2021 in Abuja noted that the uneasy calm being experienced by Nigeria today is as a result of the undieing commitment of the Nigerian Armed forces in ensuring that our unity as a Nation isn’t compromised.

Amb. Godstime warned political leaders who have decided to follow the biblical Cain’s steps by perfecting the art of war and devised the most efficient, destructive means of rising up, killing their assumed enemies and plotting to dismantle the core strongholds of our Nations sovereignty.

He stated that Emerging Leaders Forum of Nigeria will not tolerate any move of civil war for equality and justice to be served those supposedly marginalized.

Godstime called on the Armed forces to re-strategize and re-engineer the will power and the political constituencies that can serve the purpose.
He regretted that limited access to justice and inadequacy of funds to combat insecurity have remained great threat to sustainable peace in Nigeria and the globe at large, insisting that looking at the legal identity on the map of Nigeria, Government at all levels must promote fair, peaceful and inclusive societies for every divide, make social justice accessible to all and create equal opportunities for its citizens, regardless of language, religion or ethnicity.

The Eminent Peace Ambassador of United Nations and Convener of Project Unity Nigeria urged Government at all levels to address the challenges of crime, political violence, human rights abuses, exploitation and repressive rule, maintaining that government owes the citizenry moral and indeed legal duty to confront the resource allocation issues exacerbating inter-communal divisions and slowing down reconciliation in the country.

We must at all times promote and support every move for Nigeria’s Unity as we commend the Nigeria Service Chiefs for continually sacrificing a whole lot in defending our territory and sovereignty. May the labour of our heroes past never be in vain, Godstime Prayed.

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