2023: APC Presidential ticket may be between Tinubu and Nwajiuba

Chinanu Ndumele

Campaigns for who will succeed President Buhari may not be officially open but the race for his successor started on the day he won his second term on 26 February 2019.

The political appointments, the sackings, and some EFCC trials are preparations geared towards it but come what may, a president from Southern Nigeria would succeed him unless the major political parties rezone the slots.

Having said this, the ticket is between the two major blocs in the zone, the Southwest, which is laying claim on the slot on the ground of its role in the APC from 2015 to date and the number of her states controlled by the party and the Southeast which is laying claim to it on justice and equity in the Nigerian settings and its role in the party during its formation. The SouthSouth has not shown any tangible interest yet.

From what we know of Nigerian politics, the race for APC ticket is likely to be a battle between Bola Tinubu and Emeka Nwajiuba. Here are the reasons.

First Why Tinubu:

● Tinubu has not hidden his desire to rule Nigeria one day. His political face-off with the former senate president Bukola Saraki started from Saraki’s campaign against a Muslim-Muslim ticket for the APC in 2015, which led to the emergence of Osibanjo as the vice president in place of Tinubu.

● Most of the candidates from Southwest are Tinubu’s political sons, so would likely step down for him.

● Tinubu has the resources to buy over some SouthSouth and Southeast delegates who would be natural during APC primaries.

Why Emeka Nwajiuba:

● He is the only serving government official from the Southeast the president chose himself, so is likely to be his candidate in the entire South.

● Like Tinubu he played a very prominent role in the formation of the APC when most of other candidates from his zone were in other political parties. He was the secretary of the formation committee.

● Nwajiuba has no EFCC case against him, unlike others, so might enjoy the blessings of the president who likes integrity.

● Most Northern power brokers do not hide their desire to frustrate Tinubu’s ambition, so are likely to support Nwajiuba.

● Nigerian youths making it clear that they would vote for a youth in the 2023 during ENDSARs protects may cause APC to settle for him since he is young, vibrant, wise, hardworking, sincere and acceptable.

May the will of God be done.

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