REBUTTAL: Nwawuba Out To Blackmail Mbaitoli IMC Chairman To Seek Uzodinma’s Attention

A congregation of shadow chasers, rabble rousers, vain speakers, attention seekers, feeble minds, over fed babysitters, accidental opportunists, notoriously led by John Eke, and his babysitter, Joshua Chibuzom, seeks to use Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, as human shield to the jabs John Eke is receiving from members of the public, including the Government in Imo State, who is contemplating reprimanding John Eke for his embarrassing conduct in Mbaitoli LGA.

It is unfortunate and very regrettable that the Mbaitoli LGA accidental Chairman, John Eke, and his babysitter, Joshua Chibuzom, have ran out of defence for their misdeeds, hence, they have chosen to seek an easy way out of the eagle eyes of the public by seeking the protection of Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba , from public knocks over John Eke’s, bribery practice.

Let it be known to the general public that I, Egejuru Austin T., wrote to expose the endemic corruption of the accidental Chairman of Mbaitoli IMC, based on expository evidence, and in my singular capacity as the Secretary General of Ihitte Mbieri Autonomous Community, not as an aide to Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba. As such, all that was captured in the piece was the true reflection of the minds of Ihitte Mbieri Autonomous Community, not Nwawuba’s.

It is therefore infantile, and connotes of dire frustration for John Eke, and his babysitter, Joshua Chibuzom, to shift their focus from Ihitte Mbieri they have avalanche of axes to grind with, to Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, who is oblivious of John Eke’s extortion of Ihitte Mbieri, and Ihitte Mbieri’s reactions.

It is worthy to note that Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, has no connection, or contribution to the ongoing royal rumble between the accidental Chairman of Mbaitoli IMC, John Eke, and Ihitte Mbieri Autonomous Community, and by extension, has no reason to seek the attention of the unpopular government of Gov Hope Uzodinma. Light and darkness they say, has no connection. And there’s absolutely no relationship between a vulture, and a barber.

On the contrary, a close look at a sociometric survey between Gov Hope Uzodinma, and Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, shows that Nwawuba ranks at a higher pedestal. It is therefore absolutely unnecessary for Nwawuba to seek Gov Hope Uzodinma’s attention for any reason.

Mbaitoli ACCIDENTAL IMC Chairman, John Eke, and his serf, Joshua Chibuzom, should come to Ihitte Mbieri where they had their dirty baths to pick up their rags. They accidental Chairman, John Eke, has serious issues with Ihitte Mbieri Autonomous Community, he traded for pecuniary gains, not a perfect gentleman, and a stainless public servant, like Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba.

Once again, I challenge John Eke to come clean to explain to the public why he exhibited his corrupt tendencies by demanding N350,000 bribe money from Ihitte Mbieri Autonomous Community, before the community conducts her Ezeship election.

Only recently, precisely in 2019, Ofekata Orodo Autonomous Community, under the IMC Chairmanship of Chief Canice Mba, conducted their Ezeship election at the Mbaitoli Council Headquarters, yet, the community was not extorted the way John Eke sought to extort Ihitte Mbieri.

I don’t regret bursting John Eke’s corrupt bubble. It is my civic responsibility to my community, and the general public. John Eke’s dirty deals will continue to hurt and hunt him until he is booted out of the Council.

By the way, John Eke is a ghost worker in Mbaitoli LGA according to Justice Tijani Rigime.

Egejuru Austin T.
(Sec Gen IMTU)


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