Ihedioha emerging Victorious

By Maazi Obinna Akuwudike

Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha doesn’t have to be Govenror of Imo State, to be victorious. In the hearts and minds of the people of Imo State, and even in the hearts and minds of those with stolen mandates, Ihedioha is victorious.

In a few days time, the integrity of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, would once again be put to the test.

Granted that Hope Uzodinma, somehow produced enough evidence, to prove that he won the election, and as such, the Supreme Court could be said to be working with evidence presented, the world is eager to see how they will interpret the Philip Umeadi case, that has been brought before it.

On one hand, the Supreme Court ruled that Uche Nwosu won the APC Primaries, and was the authentic candidate of the party. Yet on another hand, the same Supreme Court is declaring Senator Hope Uzodinma the winner of an election, he clearly, by the ruling of the Supreme Court, didn’t contest in.

If he did contest, under what party? Remember, the Supreme Court tells us that Uche Nwosu is the candidate of the APC and AA, and for holding dual candidacy, he and the two parties he held their tickets were disqualified. How then did Hope Uzodinma emerge from a disqualified APC?

This is a mystery the Surpreme Court would supposedly help us unravel, and test of integrity on our judicial system, which a lot of people have seemingly lost hope in as the last line of defence for the common man.

But Ihedioha remains victorious. In the sight of God and in the sight of man, Ihedioha is the Govenror of Imo State.

When somebody steals something, he knows in his heart, that he is not the owner of that which is in his possession. They still know the real owner of that thing, even though it is in their temporary possession. And because that thing is not yours, you cannot force acceptance from the people, which is why, Imo people act like they have no Govenror.

After months of personal time, Ihedioha returned to Imo and reaffirmed the fact that he is the Govenror of Imo State, no matter whoever is occupying the office at Douglas House.

The people trooped into the streets to welcome him. There was genuine show of love from the people, and Ihedioha didn’t hire anybody to welcome him. They came freely to welcome their champion.

To counter Ihedioha’s welcome, the imposter paid a faceless group to replicate the welcome, but their efforts failed, and we were later to hear how they quarreled over sharing on mobilization money.

I didn’t vote for Ihedioha. I’ve never voted for him neither have supported him before, despite the fact that he personally reached out to me to partner with him for the good of our people.

But Imo people voted for him. Imo people gave him their mandate and whether I voted for him or not is immaterial. The people’s choice is what matters. To Ndi Imo, Ihedioha remains victorious.

Like I said, Ihedioha doesn’t need the Govenroship to be victorious. But as there is God on the throne, anything can happen and God can touch our people’s to save the name of the country from further shaming, by doing the right thing.

Usually, when corruption is done, somebody will say “You know, this is Nigeria”. Isn’t it time we start changing the narrative? Can one man, reduce the entire Supreme Court of a nation to ridicule?

They have made efforts to dodge this case. They have made efforts to throw it out. They have bought time to cook up another angle or story.

The world is watching them. The people are watching them. In a few days, they’ll either prove to the world that this administration means business in it’s fight against corruption, or ridicule the entire nation the more.

But in whatever happens, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha remains victorious.

My personal prayer for Ihedioha today, is that he will never again loss his possession. No man shall take that which belongs to him. God is still very interested in working for Imo State through Ihedioha.

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  1. The almighty God will surely prove that he God and will give His execellency Rt Honourable Emeka Ihedioha what rightfully belong to him.
    Onye ji ihe nwata welee aka elu aka Jie ya ,ya ewetuo ya ala..
    The supreme court of Nigeria can make amend and prove its reliability, corrupt society does not portray good image.

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