Iwuanyanwu: An Asset or a Liability to Ndi Imo

He goes by the title, Ahaejiejemba, which means, a name you came go to any nation with. He should practically be an ambassador for his people. But lately, the people of Imo State, most especially Owerri people, have started wondering if that title was fitting for the self trumpeted billionaire politician, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu.

Recently, Iwuanyanwu shocked those who didn’t already know his tendencies, when he claimed that Owerri people will give massive support to Senator Hope Uzodinma in 2023.

Already, Chief Uche Onyeagocha had warned of the tendencies of betrayal in Iwuanyanwu, at a gathering of Owerri people.

That singular utterances by Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, came not just as a betrayal to himself and his title, but to the entire people of Imo State, who didn’t expect such a respected statesman, to suddenly become a praise singer.

Unfortunately for them, a lot of people already knew these tendencies of Iwuanyanwu, and we’re not surprised to hear he said that.

Iwuanyanwu have always gone were the powers lie. Right from the time of the military till date, be goes where the power is, and not where the people of Imo State want him to go. The people usually expect him to speak out for them, but Dee Emma seems only interested in speaking for himself.

A founding member of APP in 1999, he jumped to where the powers lay being the PDP. Many expect him to make another jump any time soon to APC, having publicly endorsed the APC Govenror for a second term. And you wonder what he is still doing in PDP?

When Dr. Ikedi Ohakim, then Govenror of Imo State, refused to play ball with him probably in the area of contracts, since Iwuanyanwu’s firm has a history of failed jobs, he worked against Ohakim, and was quick to congratulate Rochas Okorocha.

He even went further, to attend almost every even organized by the Okorocha government, and at each event, showered praises on Okorocha and his wife, who he claimed used to serve him.

On a flip, he would still castigate Okorocha at every PDP meeting, which sometime in 2014, in his house at Orji, drew the wrath of Chief Ambrose Ejiogu, who lampooned him in his face and in his house, for always attending Okorocha’s functions and singing praises to Okorocha. Iwuanyanwu gave a lame excuse of being a statesman who can attend every function no matter the party lines.

In that case, I would suggest he steps down from the PDP Board of Trustees, and become apolitical, so that he can attend functions across party lines.

Imo people still don’t believe he supported the emergence of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, and we’re not surprised seeing him suddenly becoming best buddies with Senator Hope Uzodinma.

Interestingly, Iwuanyanwu have not till date, criticized the removal of his party’s candidate by the Supreme Court, but rather have congratulated the candidate of the opposition, and went further to promise him an imaginary Owerri zone victory in 2023.

When things go wrong in the state, a lot of people ask, “Where is Ahaejiejemba?” When salaries are not paid or slashed, people ask, “Is Iwuanyanwu seeing this?” When pensioners were owed for over seven years under Okorocha, and now ten months under Uzodinma, Iwuanyanwu was busy giving both Okorocha and Uzodinma, pass mark on excellent performance.

One then wonders, does he deserve the title he holds on to, since he cannot speak out for the people that gave it to him? Is his name now a name one can proudly go anywhere with, when he turns a blind eye to misrule in the state?

Mr. Sam Onwuemeodo, the Chief Press Secretary to the former Govenror, Senator Rochas Okorocha, even though he had no moral right to ask the questions he asked, since he kept quiet when Okorocha did what he today accused Uzodinma of, however asked whether the people of Imo State should believe the words that comes out of Iwuanyanwu’s mouth, as it seems to be different from the facts on ground.

Indeed, Imo people have stopped taking Iwuanyanwu seriously, and his name has become a joke amongst commoners who make fun of what they believe he is gradually becoming; a glorified praise singer.

Ahaejiejemba should be a man who speaks against impunity, not one who celebrates and defends it for personal reasons. When you take up such a title, you stand for the people. Is Iwuanyanwu today standing for his people? Is he an asset we can bank on proudly, or a Liability to the people of the state?

Already, by publicly denouncing his party, by giving support to Hope Uzodinma, he has now become a liability to the PDP, one which they probably secretly wish, he would do the honorable thing, and resign from the party.

Iwuanyanwu, as a signatory to the charter of equity in Imo State, he should have been the man at the forefront, to say No to Hope Uzodinma. Instead, he has thrown that moral piece of paper into the dust bin, and is now playing a new tone. There is a saying, whoever pays the piper dictates the tone. Was that the case with Okorocha? Has a new master started dictating the tone?

Imo people seem to think so.

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