Ihedioha probably knew Iwuanyanwu didn’t support him

Many political watchers and analysts in Imo State, knew for a fact that Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, never supported the emergence of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, as Govenror of Imo State. 

Ihedioha probably knew.

It isn’t a hidden fact, that in the 2019 PDP primaries, Iwuanyanwu rooted for Ihedioha closest and most bitter rival, Senator Samuel Anyanwu Samdaddy. But then, they go back a long way, and it would be unusual for Iwuanyanwu not to support Senator Anyanwu. 

Iwuanyanwu have supported Senator Anyanwu right from 1999, when he emerged a Local Government Chairman, and have remained with him ever since. To many, Senator Samuel Anyanwu Samdaddy, is an adopted son of Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu. Many call him, Iwuanyanwu’s retirement plan.

What better retirement plan would have happened to Iwuanyanwu, if his adopted son became Govenror? Somebody he could control easily, somebody he didn’t have to sing praises to in order to get patronage, like he sang for former Govenror Rochas Okorocha, and now singing for Senator Hope Uzodinma. 

With Ihedioha, Iwuanyanwu knew he held no aces. But with Senator Anyanwu, he was fully in charge.

But let’s trace back to the events of 2015, where many political analysts believe, was the root of their problem.

Ihedioha had given his support for Senator Anyanwu’s Senate bid, and Mbaise Nation looking at their son, gave Senator Anyanwu massive votes.

The same would however not be reciprocated in Ikeduru, when Ihedioha’s turn came around. Many political watchers and analysts, believe that Ihedioha probably suspected that Iwuanyanwu and Senator Anyanwu, torpedoed his chances in Ikeduru. That, was believed to have been the root of their problems, which led to Ihedioha in 2018, bringing out his ally who was then a House of Representatives member, Senator Ezenwa Onyewuchi, to take away Senator Anyanwu’s Senate seat. This was the reason, Senator Anyanwu decided to contest against Ihedioha for the party’s governorship ticket. 

The primaries was bitter, and ended at the Supreme Court, with Ihedioha declared winner, and a long enmity, which remains till date, created between the two strongest forces within the Imo State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP. 

It was at the Ahiajoku lectures period, when I suspected that Ihedioha had low regard for Iwuanyanwu. Who would blame him? With Iwuanyanwu’s character of praising everybody whenever he is in their presence and dancing to every tone played, the self trumpeted billionaire has fast lost value in the state in area of political and moral integrity.

At the Concorde Hotel Sam Mbakwe Hall, during the first phase of the lecture, after Femi Fani-Kayode spoke, the microphone was handed over to Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu to speak. Observers noticed a mild drama where Ihedioha was seated. He seemed very upset, and even though he might have been angry at something else, but coming at the same time the microphone was given to Iwuanyanwu, observers believed the former Govenror must have been angered that Iwuanyanwu would be given the microphone to speak on an issue of integrity. It took the former governor and organizer of the event, Dr. Ikedi Ohakim to calm Ihedioha down.

For me and others seated who noticed this, it seemed a clear indication, that Ihedioha knew his enemies.

No wonder Iwuanyanwu’s recent romance with Uzodinma, didn’t come as a surprise to many of us, who have seen the PDP BOT member on many occasions, praise an APC executive. 

Iwuanyanwu once rated Okorocha the best Govenror of Imo State, in an event that Okorocha, who was then the Govenror, attended. He claimed Okorocha had done very well, yet at a PDP meeting in his house a week after, he lampooned Okorocha, and this drew the venom of Chief Ambrose Ejiogu, who criticised him for playing the two sides whenever he found himself in their presence.

Chief Uche Onyeagocha’s labelling of Iwuanyanwu as a betrayer of Owerri zone, seemed to have been confirmed with Iwuanyanwu pledging support for Uzodinma, and claiming that Owerri zone will vote for him in 2023, a claim that had been refuted by Owerri people who insist that Iwuanyanwu spoke for himself.

Many have wondered why Iwuanyanwu remains in the PDP, and the risks his continued stay in the party, can cause the party as 2023 draws nearer, as he had already publicly shown where he stands.

The only way PDP can be assured of Iwuanyanwu’s support, is if Senator Anyanwu is given the party’s ticket in 2023. But political analysts have since wondered, of what weight in Iwuanyanwu’s support to the party? Would it be an advantage or a liability?

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