Father Mbaka Talks Tough, Responds To Allegation of beating BBC staff (VIDEO)

Following the controversy going on regarding allegation leveled against Ejike Mbaka, the spiritual director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN) and his staff that the man of God allegedly ordered the beating up of two BBC journalists and their driver and confiscated their mobile phones and media equipment, Father Mbaka has finally gave a response, while also giving a sound warning to those who are indirectly attacking his church.

According to the video, the man of God said he had told the Rev father who organised the interview that he is not ready for any form of interview after which he proceed to the baptism font and the reverend followed too.

And when he was done and proceed towards the gate of his house, a thought occurred to him that the Rev might still be around and might want to come in, so in order not get him delayed, he ordered that the security to open the gate, but unfortunately people who attended the program rushed in and he was not even aware that the reverend and BBC crew were among.

Mbaka claims he only overheard his securities telling the said people they need authority from him(Mbaka) before they can be granted to take their equipments in and that he was not aware of all that was going on.

And later he saw his security operatives dragging equipment and phones with people who he later discovered were BBC crew members and of which he told them to give their phones to them.

Mbaka said, the Rev father who organised the interview even went ahead to the church production room to lie against him that he had given him order to get a copy of the day’s service for him.

In all, the man of God said he did not really understand all that went on that particular day as he was not aware so many actions that took place.He claims he didn’t invite the BBC crew and the BBC crew in Enugu are not aware of their presence at his church, so he didn’t know what they came to do.

In other words, people are only trying to sabotage his ministry!

Mbaka however warns, that people planning anything negative against his ministry should desist, else they will attract the wrath of God.

“People should be beware of curses. Time will come that those attacking this ministry will begin to perish if they do not repent quickly”

“I’ve been holding myself for long and they think they are victorious, No human being can conquer the God of Adoration Ministry. That person is not yet born. No matter who you are if you try us, you will suffer” Mbaka threatens.

If I’m asked, everything Mbaka said, really did not add up, there seems to be some irregularities in the build up on his own side of the story.

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