Imo Lawmaker under fire over comments at Uzodinma’s budget presentation

It is not the best of times for the Member representing Orsu State Constituency in Imo State House of Assembly, Hon Ekene Fredoline Nnodumele, as he may have landed himself in serious trouble over certain comments said to be unexpected of a member of the House during the 2021 budget presentation at the Assembly Complex, on Wednesday.

Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State, two days ago submitted the budget estimate to the State Assembly for approval.

While the Lawmakers were given an opportunity to make comments, Nnodumele spoke in a manner that caused uproar in the entire chamber of the complex.

The body languages of his colleagues also gave him out as one who may have derailed by his comments as they not only wore forlorn looks but also hissed in disapproval.

At first, he showered praises on the Clerk of the House, Mrs Chinaelo Emeghara by describing the woman  as the engine room of the House, through whose instrumentality has promoted success of the House. A remark that was not applauded by other members as he finished speaking.

The enconmiums on the Clerk  which took him over more than five minutes, further  attracted jibes against him from the members and visitors, as some considered it a misplaced assertion unexpected of a lawmaker of a House.

Also, instead of speaking on issues that concerns legislative duties and his constituency, the Orsu Member in a manner that appears more like a court jester claimed governor Hope Uzodinma is a “Magician”, who has attracted over $50bn to the State.

According to him, Uzodinma deserves the best from the lawmakers. This remark was regarded as an unbridled sycophantic gesture unexpected from an elected member of the House.

Another twist that shocked  the House members  and the audience at the gallery was when he suggested that the constitutional duties of the Imo Assembly be neglected in Budgeting to allow the he budget be passed immediately in the House without any delay.

This particular comment of Nnodumele not only attracted questions by all and sundry who wondered the type of Lawmaker he is, but also pitched him again the masses for trying to work in contrast to the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution.

One of lawmakers who couldn’t hide his disdain for Nnodumele’s comments  who couldn’t hide his feelings said, “Is this man truly an elected House of Assembly member? Why should he open his mouth to utter these gibberish? So if he is allowed, he would pass the budget immediately without thoroughly going through it?

Another witness at the gallery from Orsu State constituency who does not want his name on print accused Nnodumele to be the worst Lawmaker Imo State has ever produced. “Let me see how our people will vote for him in 2023 with this his level of sycophancy”.

He continued, “I wonder what he is turning into. He is only making caricature of himself and his people”.

In a similar note, his colleagues didn’t found it funny with some of his comments, as they believed he went far, only to please the Governor.

Trumpeta relaibly learnt that measures are under way to ensure he is put under control before he runs the integrity of the House down while reports have it that his constituents have arranged a meeting to review his conduct and level of representation so far.

Source: ImoTrumpeta

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