I will catch Tony Chukwu by the trousers for your road – Araraume (Video)

The APC Senatorial candidate for the forthcoming Okigwe Senate Bye-election, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, has assured the people of Ihitte Uboma of quality representation in the Senate if he is sent back to represent the Zone.

Speaking to party faithfuls and the people of Ihitte Uboma at Isinweke, Araraume gave account of his first representation of the zone in the Senate, and how he touched Ihitte Uboma with positions he held.

He also assured the people that he would ensure that their road which leads to Umuahia, receives urgent attention, stating that the road which is an NDDC project, was awarded to Chief Tony Chukwu, and he can catch Tony Chukwu by the trousers to ensure the roads are completed.

He also assured that he would make sure funds would be made available for Tony Chukwu to finish the road, if that was the reason for the lack of attention on the road.

Araraume assured the people of Ihitte Uboma of his love for them, stressing that he campaigned vigorously for the late Senator Benjamin Uwajumogu to go to the Senate.

Senator Ifeanyi Araraume would be flying the party’s flag into battle on December 5th, squaring off with candidates of other political parties, having defeated Frank Ibezim in the court, to reclaim his ticket.

Ibezim, an aide to the junior Minister for Education Emeka Nwajiuba, had been projected by Senator Hope Uzodinma for the party’s ticket, but was disqualified due to discrepancies with his certificates.

Araraume while speaking to the people of Ihitte Uboma, stressed that he had presented all his educational documents, unlike those who claim to be lawyers but cannot present more than a WAEC certificate. He informed the people that he was already doing his PHD program.

Hope Uzodinma has yet to acknowledge, or support his party’s candidate, and his summon to see President Buhari last week, is believed to be connected to the Okigwe Bye-election.

Analysts are expecting a change of attitude from him towards Araraume moving forward.

There are however pointers that Uzodinma may back a candidate of another party against Araraume, if Ibezim cannot wrestle the ticket from Araraume in court.


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