Uzodinma Vs Okorocha: Karma Is A Prostitute

Karma is a Hindu belief that good or bad luck is viewed as resulting from one’s actions. In other words, Karma is another name for the natural law of retributive justice which was captured in the Bible as the law of sowing and reaping. On the other hand a prostitute is a person who engages in sexual activity with “anyone” for payment. So when one says Karma is a prostitute, it means that it is no respecter of persons. It comes to anyone who deserves it.

The shocking declaration of Sen Hope Uzodinma as governor of Imo State from a distant fourth position, by the Supreme Court sent shock waves across Nigeria and the globe. Reasons being that there was neither justifiable logical nor legal grounds on which the declaration was made. While many viewed it as a broad daylight judicial robbery, Uzodinma and his supporters, like the late legendary footballer, Diego Amando Maradona, referred to it as the “hand of God”. Diego Maradona who scored the proverbial goal at the 1986 FIFA World Cup at one point admitted that his goal was a “foul goal”, but jokingly referred to it as the “hand of God “.

But unlike Maradona, Uzodinma has insisted that his declaration as governor by the Supreme Court was the hand of God. Although he later contradicted this assertion by stating publicly that he became governor through the “Ben Johnson” way. Prompting many people to nickname him the “Supreme Court and Ben Johnson” governor. However many political pundits believe that what Uzodinma referred to as the hand of God was indeed the hand of the late Issa Funtua, Abba Kyari, Adams Oshiomhole and even ex-gov Rochas Okorocha who were fingered as being the masterminders of the historical travesty. However Uzodinma had continued as governor riding on what great legal minds viewed as a crystal clear injustice.

However, the Hindu and biblical laws of sowing and reaping and Karma respectively, seems to be fast catching up with the governor earlier than expected. First, Uzodinma’s alleged god fathers, former Chief of Staff to the President, Mr Kyari and the business mogul and Aso Rock power player, Alhaji Funtua all died few months after he was made governor. Also, the former All Progressives Congress (APC) national chairman, Mr Oshiomhole was unceremoniously disgraced out of office soon after.

Now, Sen Okorocha who along with Sen Ifeanyi Ararume were believed to have supported Uzodinma’s mysterious emergence as governor have finally turned against him. While Ararume has succeeded in surplanting Mr Frank Ibezim who is the governor’s preferred candidate at the Okigwe Zone senatorial election rerun, Okorocha has wrested the state party structure from his grip. This clearly implies that gov Uzodinma has been rendered politically stranded in his own political party. For Uzodinma who is a sitting governor, to be made a political orphan in his own political party the APC, is a clear sign that the laws of divine retributive justice or karma is clearly at work.

In addition, the Barr Philip Umeadi’s case pending at the Supreme Court which is asking for the removal of the governor is also hanging over his head like the proverbial sword of Damocles. Putting all this together, any reasonable man can conclude that the governor has indeed fallen out of favour with both God and man. Conversely it is becoming obvious that the governor may be on his way out of Douglas House. This shows that indeed whatever a man sows that he will surely reap. Just like the Igbo adage says, “ihe akputara na aga ite na ala na aga oku”, Uzodinma may end up suffering political fatality because of the believe that he usurped power simply for selfish reasons.

Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu Esq
Socio-political/Public Affairs Analyst

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