Araraume: Time to prove Prophet Ayodele wrong

Recently, a Nigerian clergyman, Primatr Elijah Ayodele, declared that the PDP candidate for the Okigwe Senate Bye-election, Chief Okewulonu, would win the election.


By his declaration, the clergyman had declared defeat for the APC candidate, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume.

In a country where prophesies have been known to be bought by the highest bidder, the prophesy of Primate Ayodele have not been taken very seriously by the people of Okigwe and even the people he prophesied about.

The PDP candidate isn’t hinging his faith of prophesy, neither are the other candidates of the other parties backing down because a clergyman have given them expo.

In the just concluded US presidential election saw a lot of prophesies, for and against various candidates.

For those whose gamble worked for them, the Lord gave them vision, while those whose gamble failed will find a good story to tell congregants.

Nowadays, Nigerians have stopped taking prophesies of some clergymen seriously. None of them saw COVID-19 coming, and none till date have been able to prophesy it’s end.

Is Ayodele amongst those testing microphone in the name of predications or is he the real deal? I think Okigwe Senate is that time to prove Prophet Ayodele right or wrong.


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