Rochas Okorocha will become Nigeria’s worst President if Nigerians make the mistake of electing him

There is no doubt that the former Imo Govenror, Senator Rochas Okorocha, has his eyes on becoming the President of Nigeria for quite a while now.

Even before he became Govenror, he had contested for the Presidential ticket of a major party in the country.

To Imolites and many Nigerians who had gotten to know the man Rochas Okorocha, and his style of governance, it is something to be grateful to God that he failed back then, so that the people could try him out with a small office to see his performance.

The Igbo man says, “Ana ama nma na ulo ma na apu ama,” a proverb which the English man also has and goes as follows, “Charity begins at home.”

Indeed, Okorocha’s eight years misadventure in Imo State, have remained an eight years, even those who brought him to power, like the Catholic Archbishop Obinna, have regretted till date. Even the commoners who he ate akara and roasted corn with before he assumed power, today wished they saw through the facade and retained Dr Ikedi Ohakim, who they thought was evil.

Indeed, Imo saw real evil from 2011 to 2019, when Okorocha finally stepped down.

With what Imo State saw in the hands of Okorocha, making him president of Nigeria would be worse than a disaster, if there was any other word for it.

Let’s look at some areas that Okorocha failed woefully in the little position of Govenror he held for eight years, and look at what will happen to Nigeria, if we make the mistake of electing him into Aso Rock.

1. Pensions:

Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha and now Senator Hope Uzodinma, met a backlog of pensions amounting over N50billion, left for them by Rochas Okorocha. It is on record, that the Rochas Okorocha administration only paid pensions once in Imo State, and afterwards owed pensioners for seven years until he left. At one point during a meeting with Pensioners, the former Govenror asked them whether they were still alive, making people wonder if he wanted them dead.

It is also on record that it since after Dr Ikedi Ohakim, civil servants have not received gratuity, overtime, leave allowance or promotion till date.

Yet, when the propaganda and rumour came against Ohakim, the people believed without asking questions. Imo people spent eight years regretting that action.

Making Rochas Okorocha President means that Federal workers enjoying full salaries, overtime, gratuity, leave allowance, promotion as well as Pensions can as well kiss it good bye.

Okorocha once exclaimed at the amount being paid to people as pension and one wonders, why didn’t he stop collecting money from the state but didn’t want to pay those who worked for their money over years?

2. Infrastructure:

I am not a fan of Senator Hope Uzodinma, which is why I don’t refer him as Governor Hope Uzodinma, but the problems he is facing today on roads in Imo State, were created by Rochas Okorocha.

When Okorocha left office in 2019 after eight years, he could not boost of a single road he constructed that was motorable. The only usable roads left in Imo State today are the ones built by late Chief Sam Mbakwe, Chief Achike Udenwa and Dr Ikedi Ohakim. Not a single road built by Rochas Okorocha survived after eight years.

Hope Uzodinma is getting knocks today, because he seems to be following the Okorocha pattern. Several roads he had constructed barely weeks ago had also collapsed, making Okorocha’s record even better than his own.

Even the projects Okorocha carried out, are today being investigated for monumental fraud that had riddled them all.

Making Rochas Okorocha president of Nigeria would mean that there would be no meaningful infrastructural development in the whole of the country until he steps down.

3. Disregard for Rule of Law:

Okorocha’s disrespect and total disregard for the rule of law is legendary. Late Somtochukwu died because Okorocha disregarded a court order stopping him from demolishing Eke Ukwu Market.

Making Okorocha the president of Nigeria where he manipulates who becomes CJN and practically appoints judges, Nigeria will become lawless.

4. Economic Disaster:

Okorocha’s eight years reign destroyed the economy of Imo State. Imolites became poorer, as the administration came up with means to ensure the people never grew. Businesses were triple taxed and frustrated into closing. Markets were destroyed along with goods causing more hardship to the people.

As president of Nigeria, Nigerians will find out that we are celebrating Christmas with the adminstration of today. Nigerians will beg to run to Congo because the hardship will be too unbearable, and with Okorocha as ultimate power, who has no regard for anybody but himself and his family, it would be hell to live in Nigeria under his reign.

5. Converting Lands and Property:

Okorocha’s eight years in Imo witnessed the conversion of lands and property of the state, to personal property. Till date, Imo is still battling him over the ownership of the Eastern Palm University, while petitions from people whose lands were taken away from them arrive the judicial panels by the day.

As president of Nigeria, Okorocha may end up converting 50% of the lands in Nigeria to his private property.

6. Pocketing the Legislative Arm:

When Okorocha was in power in Imo State, the Imo State Assembly under Speaker Acho Ihim, was like his errand boys. He effectively pocketed them, making them do his biddings at will.

As president, expect a Senate and House of Representatives, that will be forced to give him an third and fourth tenure and give him ultimate power like Putin has in Russia.

He almost turned Imo State into his private business, when he tried to install his son-in-law as Govenror after him.

There are so many other areas of this man Senator Rochas Okorocha, which a visit to Imo State, and interacting with somebody on the road, will expose and reveal to Indigenes of other states who never knew what the people of Imo State went through in his hands.

As the clamour for Igbo president continues, presenting Rochas Okorocha as an option for Ndi Igbo would be a fatal mistake to the proponents of Igbo presidency, and the Nation as a whole.

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