Video of Pastor Taribo West Prophesying Donald Trump’s Victory Surfaces

A video showing the moment a former footballer turned pastor made a false prophecy about 2020 US election has been released.

Taribo West
Taribo West 

A video of the moment Nigerian ex-footballer prophesied that Donald Trump would be re-elected as the President of US has surfaced. 

The prophecy turned out to be false after Joe Biden defeated him. Former footballer now pastor, Taribo West made the prophecy before the 2020 US election. 

In the video, Taribo West could be heard showering praises on himself for how he prophesied two state elections in Nigeria that came to pass. 

Joe Biden, however, won and is declared the President-elect of the United States of America by top American media outlets after he swept 290 electoral votes against his opponent, Trump who had 214, making Taribo’s prophesy false.

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