My neighbor’s 16years old daughter will land me in trouble

Dear Efizzy,

I have a problem that can lead to real katakata very soon if I don’t find a way to get out of it.

It’s about my neighbor’s 16years daughter.

I live in a compound that has two buildings. I live in the outer one and my neighbor lives at the back.

I am a bachelor, running my online business that keeps me more at home daily.

My neighbor and his wife are both business people. Traders. They leave in the morning and come back very late at night.

They have three children. The boys who are younger, are in boarding school, while the only girl is a day student in SS3. I have a very cordial relationship with the family.

It all started one day, when the 16 years old daughter forgot her keys in the house. She came to my apartment to ask for help. I was wearing a boxers shorts and singlet and didn’t see anything wrong in it as that is how I walk around in the compound.

I couldn’t open the door, so she had to stay at my house to wait for her parents.

She is a very beautiful girl I won’t deny that, and as we talked over watching movies, we will laugh and touch each other and one thing led to the other and I found my hands over her breasts and my mouth over her mouth.

I was not her first, but she was very tight and very wet. We went two rounds before her parents came back.

Since then, she sneaks into my house almost daily and I cannot resist her.

I know she is too young and I’m afraid of her parents finding out, but I am falling in love with her and I know she is madly in love with me and I don’t want to break her heart.

Please, how do I get out of this before something bad happens?

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