Does Okafor’s law also apply to men?

The theory of Okafor’s Law, states that is a man goes to bed with a woman and does the bedmantis very well, he will have it easier getting back in between her legs the next time.

Random sampling, amongst some women, have proved that the Okafor theory seems to be true.

Even some prostitutes admitted that the even extend credit facilities in that area, to customers who know how to get the job done, which in their case, aren’t much.

A prostitute even admitted she turned her client who could do it to her very well, into a boyfriend of sorts.

He could have her at anytime without payment. She even started paying him for the services.

The Okafor theory, is also believed to be the reason some women cannot resist their exes. Even some married women still fall for their exes, and commit extra marital affair, because of this theory.

Does this same Okafor theory apply to men?

Chima seems to think so. He believes a man will always go back to that person that gives it to him the best. He believes it is also the reason men cheat with one particular person.

He believes Okafor’s theory is different from downright womanizing, whereby the man just enters any skirt he sees. He believes a man will always return to that woman that gives it to him the best and if it’s not his wife or girlfriend, cheating has started in the relationship.

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