Sweet Love: Man Takes Girlfriend On A Helicopter Ride To Propose To Her (Photos)

A lovestruck man has disarmed his girlfriend by taking an expensive measure to propose to her.

The man took his girlfriend on a helicopter ride to propose to her
The man took his girlfriend on a helicopter ride to propose to her 

A man has blown his girlfriend’s heart away with his love offerings. 

It was gathered that the Nigerian man devised a beautiful way to propose to his girlfriend by taking her on a helicopter ride. 

Twitter user, @GONnamoko who shared the video on his page, wrote ; “There are levels to this whole relationship thing. Sweet event.”

 Read some reactions from other social media users below; 

Eyimofe wrote; “There are levels to these things tru-tru. Tears of joy like “na me be this inside aerokopter” The day me Sef will enter airport enh, I will shout everyone go notice me say one Johnny don land” 

Topman wrote; “Problem for who no get money to hire helicopter.” 

Clinton wrote; “Congratulations boss, everyday

You guys keep raising the bars as touching this proposal thing” Chinyere wrote;“You people have finished all the styles, which one come remain na”

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