Video: Masked Soldier warns other soldiers against attacking EndSARS Protesters

A masked man, wearing military fatigues, have surfaced in a viral video, warning fellow soldiers against being used to attack the EndSARS Protesters.

The man seemed to be older in the army, and mentioned that newer intakes into the army, may be deployed to unleash their zealousness for action, on the civilians, so the soldier stated, was fighting for a better Nigeria.

The Nigerian Army had announced the commencement of a military operation, codenamed Operation Crocodile Smile, across the nation.

There is a general belief, that this operation, was designed to be used against the protesting civilians.

Videos have also surfaced of soldiers attacking protesters, and in Owerri yesterday, reports had it, that soldiers attacked Protesters.

The soldier in the video, made it clear that what the civilians were protesting for was just, and for the general benefit of even those in the military.

The man covered his face, so that his identity would not be revealed, to protect himself from backlash from the top military hierarchy and politicians, who would not be happy with what he said.

Watch video HERE

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