Goodluck Buhari, Mbaka was probably right – Evang. Obinna Akuwudike gives reason

Popular social commenter and Evangelist, Obinna Akuwudike, have reminisced over the words of Rev Father Ejike Mbaka, during the 2015 campaign period, when he labelled former President Goodluck Jonathan as badluck, and tagged Buhari as Goodluck.

According to Akuwudike, “Many of us believed that Mbaka wasn’t speaking from God. Looking at some things happening today, I think Mbaka was speaking from God, but didn’t understand the interpretation.”

Akuwudike went on to explain, “With the growing agitation for restructuring, disintegration, God may have used Mbaka to sent a message to Nigerians, the He would use Buhari to liberate the oppressed, by dividing the country.

“If you watch Buhari’s leadership, it gives a feel of somebody who is desperate to see the end of this country. His policies have divided the country, even more than the Civil War did. The Yoruba man has suddenly realized that there is no unity. The clamour for Biafra have grown higher than ever and now others have also joined to call for an end of Nigeria.

“We can hold on for a few more years, trying to lie to ourselves that we can fix the country, but the disunity this administration have created in a modern day Nigeria, cannot just be brushed under the rug overnight. I don’t see how we can fix Nigeria again. I make bold to say that the Goodluck Mbaka saw, was the destruction of this artificial, expired contraption which we have been pretending to exist in. We suffer and smile. We look at each other with hate yet we claim unity. You don’t want a certain groupof group of people or religion to lead the country that you claim is united. Is that not stupidity?

“God spoke to Mbaka, the cleric just didn’t understand the message.

“Even in the bible, there are those who are given dreams and messages, yet others to interpret them. That was probably what happened to Mbaka because there is no other way Mbaka can explain the increased killings, hardship and suffering on the people, brought about by the man he called Goodluck, if not that he probably didn’t understand the message he received.

“Unless we are to buy into Nnamdi Kanu’s cloning theory, and say that the Buhari Mbaka saw as Goodluck, isn’t the Buhari we have today.”

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