Video: “Your Toto dey smell”, ashawo deals with man who refused to pay her after services

A randy man got more than he bargained for, when he thought he could avoid paying for the use of a call girl, by accusing her of smelly private parts.

In the viral video, the man is seen in a room with a friend, who is recording the scene, refusing to pay the call girl what they agreed upon, alleging that the call girl had a smelly private parts.

The call girl, who was initially wearing a towel, changed into her jeans and top, and grabbed the man by the belt holder, assaulting him, while asking him why he still entered when the private part was smelly to him.

The man threatened to beat her up, but she was not moved, and instead charged on the man first who was surprised at what he was getting from the call girl.

This is a warning to other men who think they can play sharp with call girls and refuse to pay them after using them.

For a woman to follow you, a total stranger to a room for bedmantics, she must have been pushed to limits we may not understand, and playing with her will surely not be the best move for you.

Watch the video HERE

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