Two women almost strip themselves naked as they engage in brutal fight (Video)

Fighting, is a social ill, that must be frowned upon by all and sundry.

It could lead to so many outcomes, none of which is good for those engaged in it.

God frowns at it, as it is wrong to engage each other in fighting.

Fighting could even lead to lose of life, and as this video would show, it makes people forget their humanity and even lift their hands against children.

Sometimes you even wonder of the humanity of some people.

A video have surfaced online, showing two women fighting brutally, over what is believed to be a fight over a man.

In the video making rounds on Facebook, the two women are seen mouthing off at each other before the main fight broke out.

One of the women is seen carrying a baby, as she engaged in the verbal war with the other woman, who now stepped up, and struck the first blow.

The woman with the baby, handed her baby over to somebody and reacted immediately, engaging the other woman in fisticuffs, as all hell was let lose.

Watch Video HERE

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