Shut Critics and Opposition up with Good Governance – Imo APGA tells Uzodinma


Or Does It Mean Senator Uzodinma Has Nothing At All For Ndi Imo?

All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) advises Imo Governor – Senator Hope Uzodinma to really focus on paying Imo workers and pensioners on time; construct standard roads to ease the pains of Imolites; create job opportunities for Imo youths; do well to empower Imo women and farmers; provide adequate security in entire state and do well to make peace within himself. A good leader should always be focused and at peace to really deliver.

Instead of going after those who call him names, we advise Senator Uzodinma to concentrate more in delivering good governance to Imolites. “He whose house is on fire does not do rat hunting.” And we sincerely believe every competent government does more of actions/practical than voices. Therefore, Imo APGA calls on Senator Uzodinma to make either of these two options: Continue going after opposition and those who call him names as time goes, or focus on doing well to right the wrong.

We could remember how some olden days teachers, who students gave funny nicknames ended up as they formed habit of chasing the funny and stubborn students instead of overlooking them to focus on whatever they were doing. As they were serious chasing those students, they never knew the students were really catching fun with the serious and unnecessary reactions those teachers. When will Senator Uzodinma stop to pursue shadow? How can he make everyone speak positive of his government no matter what transpired at the Supreme Court on 14th January, 2020? We believe he has the simple solution in his hands. Why is he now going to court to stop those calling him names instead of delivering good governance? We sincerely believe Senator Uzodinma has spent enough money on the biased Judiciary and should as a matter of fact, concentrate more in doing well to turn tears of Imolites to cheers, though we are still in doubt as one does not give what one does not have.

Imo State is in total decay at the moment and needs thorough rebuilding and recovering of looted properties and funds. The poor state of roads in Imo is nothing to write home about. The pains of Imo workers and pensioners cannot be overemphasized. It is not news that Imolites never voted Senator Uzodinma in the last election, but the rest remains history on what transpired at the Supreme Court earlier this year. We believe a competent leader should do well to right the wrong by shutting up critics and opposition with visible and developmental projects. How long will Senator Uzodinma continue to make Imolites cry for the foul play by the Supreme Court?

Rain has subsided for a while and Imo government is yet to do any major project, especially on road construction within the state. Driving around Imo State is the worst punishment one can give to one’s enemy. Those living within Owerri Capital City cannot stop crying of the poor state of major roads and streets. And we continue to ask: Is Senator Uzodinma a leader or a dealer? He now concentrates more in Edo State political fight than doing well to serve the good people of Imo State.

Imolites are in pain! Imo is in total decay! No single motorable road in Imo State at the moment! People no more sleep with their two eyes closed! Imo senior citizens continue to die of hunger due to nonpayment of pensions. But we sincerely believe God will not abandon Ndi Imo. Its a matter of time…

DG, Imo APGA New Media

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