Help, I prefer the maid in bed than my wife

One of the biggest risks we as men take is bringing house maids into the house. 

If they are from the man’s side, the woman is safe from losing her man but women will always treat people from their husband’s side with suspicion. 

If they are from the wife’s side or a hired hand, this is where the problem comes and that’s how I landed in the one I’m in right now.

It’s not wrong to bring house maids if the man can hold it together. Some people think that it’s about the beauty of the maid that can make a man want to sleep with a man. Na lie, men even sleep with the very wowo maids sef. The thrill of the adventure is one of the things that consider and besides, that man between our legs doesn’t always respect itself and cam stand for anybody even a wowo house maid.

I wanted to bring my sister’s daughter to stay with us, but when my wife reacted somehow, I didn’t want trouble and let her bring this girl Nkechi from her village.

She was about 16 years.

My wife is a nurse and most times, goes on night duty.

It was on one of those night duties when I was checking the make sure the house was locked for the night, that I walked into her room.

She probably just took her bath and stood stark naked in the room.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her very firm and full breasts. I just stood there and she didn’t make any move to close herself.

Even when I approached her, she didn’t move.

“You’re beautiful oooo,” was what could come out from my mouth.

I cupped her cool soft breast and felt it become firm and warm under my palm.

She didn’t resist me as I lifted her off her feet and laid her on the bed.

I quickly undressed and started working on her nipples as my mouth robes through her body.

She was wet and welcoming when I finally went into her.

She was the best I’ve ever had. She pulled me into her body as I thrust harder and harder into her. I could go in enough. 

I exploded inside her and held her firm until the spasms of ecstasy subsided. We did it again four more times before morning.

It became a daily routine for us. I was always excited whenever my wife is going on night duty. Our worst days is usually when she is on leave.

On such days, I usually send her to the market to buy flimsy personal things for me. I will also leave the house to see a friend and we will meet up at a guesthouse away from the house.

It is becoming very addictive for me. I now prefer her to my wife. She is even too tired from work every day to care that I hardly touch her.

I know this is risky and I may get into trouble soon. What do I do? Should I just send her packing? I don’t know what to do. Please advise me.

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