She told me she was 21 – young man needs help

Please don’t publish my names. I just need advise not criticism from readers please.

I met this girl on Facebook recently and we got chatting. She sounded matured and had very encouraging and intelligent ideas to share with me.

We exchanged numbers and after about two weeks of chatting on Facebook and on phone, I invited her over to my house where I stay alone.

She looked big. She’s a bit of the heavy side and we really got talking when she came.

I made my move on her but she resisted me. I don’t force women so I didn’t force her but I wasn’t happy that she didn’t want me to enter her. She was ready to play other foreplays but she didn’t want me to enter her.

Three times she came and it was the same thing.

On the fourth day when I became very angry with her, she finally agreed when I told her to leave.

Penetrating her was mind blowing. She was tight and sweet. Her inner walls rubbed my manhood with a sensual wetness and friction that could blow you out of this world.

I was lost.

We did it twice before she left and since then, she has been coming and we have been doing it. I left my last girlfriend for her. I couldn’t get enough of her.

One day, I was driving along the road and saw her dressed in a secondary school uniform. She wanted to hide but saw it was no use. I didn’t talk to her because I didn’t want to create a scene.

When she later came, I confronted her about her age again which she told me was 21 and when I threatened to beat her, she told me she was 16 going to 17.

I know this is child abuse in the eyes of the law and maybe the readers but it isn’t my fault. She didn’t tell me the truth. She claimed she didn’t want to lose me and now, I don’t want to lose her too.

What do I do? Stop sleeping with her for the next two years and wait till she is 18 or just leave her? I don’t know if I can leave her. What do I do?

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