I suspect my wife is sleeping with her mother – man

A man has shared a story of how he suspects his wife is practising lesbianism with her own mother.

The story was shared by popular Nigerian relationship expert and blogger, Joro Olumofin.

The worried man has suspicions that his wife and mother-in-law are sleeping with each other.

The man revealed to the counsellor that he has caught the duo ‘french-kissing’ as well as bathing together.

The worried man added that whenever her mother-in-law visits them, the wife has a cunning way of sharing the same bed with her mother.

The man believes her wife and mother-in-law are in the act of lesbianism.

The story of the man has garnered several reactions with the majority of Netizens suspecting that the man’s wife and mother are in the act of lesbianism.

Some were totally shocked by the man’s story with some social media users feeling that the story was just made up just for clouts chase.

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